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Interactive electronic shelf label system.

We are transforming retail business for the future.

Benefits of Retail Interactive’s iESL System

The main benefits of our iESL System improve inventory management, reduce inventory costs, provide a more engaging customer experience, and allow a more complete omni-channel sales and marketing strategy which will prepare retail business for the ever-increasing competitive nature of the Australian retail industry.

Operational Efficiency

Retail market competition can be managed with efficient and quick promotional offers and pricing changes.

Customer Experiences

Product details, pricing, and promotions can be made available and displayed on the iESL at the shelf edge ensuring the customer experience is the same as being on-line.

Management Optimisation

Inventory management will improve and become more efficient as staff can access key inventory information via the iESL.

Marketing Influence

Our iESL System, a leading retail technology, will allow for a complete omni-channel sales and marketing strategy which will transform retail business for the future.

Efficient and cost-effective pricing

Manual pricing systems and their hidden costs are replaced with a more cost effective and comprehensive retail technology solution with a fixed cost that can be financed and expensed over 4-5 year period.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by automating price labelling and improving inventory management by providing key information and visually identifying inventory items requiring attention by staff.

How it works

Retail Interactive’s iESL is an advanced electronic shelf label with a electronic paper display.  Its Wi-Fi capability allows information from inventory management and point of sale systems to electronically update and change the display of inventory details and pricing at the shelf edge.

The iESL is the only device that can connect each inventory item on the shelf to inventory management, point of sale, accounting, on-line store, app’s, pda’s, smartphones, and any other system or hardware that may become part of a complete omni-channel sales and marketing strategy.


The display template is a fully customisable dot matrix screen that can display text, numbers, and images.


Multiple display templates show more inventory sales and operational information.

Visual recognition

Three colour LED flash light provides clear visual indication of product location for various sales and operational purposes.

Operational efficiency

Bar code on the label frame, allows easy access and improved information exchange with staff.

Near field communication (NFC) functionality provides a very easy, efficient, and quick interaction with in-store customers to access more inventory information, and to record the inventory information for purchasing and payment.
BLE iBeacon functionality can provide a more personalised in-store customer experience, as well as geolocation information for optimising mapping and route recommendations.
Customised bar codes and QR codes can be displayed to provide more information and facilitate improved interaction with in-store customers and employees.

The Connected Store

Interactive Electronic Shelf Label (iESL)

  • Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is a fully customisable and can display text, numbers, and images
  • Red, Blue, Green (RGB) LED flash light
  • Multiple pages can be switched and then switched back automatically
  • High speed multiple channel Wi-Fi communication for fast iESL updates
  • Continual iESL operating status communication improves maintenance
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for mobile payment support
  • BLE iBeacon for geolocation support
  • Quick and easy replacement of batteries

Wi-Fi Integrated Access Point (WFAP)

  • Coverage area of up to 550m2
  • Direct connection to cloud server
  • iESL operating status, battery level, and data transmission confirmation every 3 minutes
  • Multiple antennas can support any future developed functions
  • Wi-Fi integration allows free wi-fi in-store to be provided to customers
  • Wireless Over the Air (OTA) to update the function of iESL’s in the future

Product Location

  • BLE iBeacon functionality can provide a more personalised in-store customer experience, as well as geolocation information for optimising mapping and route recommendations to locate individual products


Application and Data Server (Local or Cloud)

  • iESL System management software can be installed and integrated into any IT infrastructure environment and ensures data integrity and security (HTTPS service based on SSL encryption). This allows for a fast, sercure, and seemless ability to update iESL information for a single store, and then cost effectively scale installation for multiple stores.

Who we are.

Retail Interactive was founded after three senior level management professionals and business owners who exited their respective professions and business environments to provide a leading Interactive Electronic Shelf Label (iESL) System to large Australian retailers.

The iESL System provides Retail Business Intelligent Tools with advanced technology retail store management software and interactive multi-functional hardware solutions to the retail business sector.

Our Parnership

Our formal partnership with Hanshow provides Retail Interactive with a very dedicated, and experienced Sales, Support, Manufacturing, Software, Hardware, and Research & Development team of approximately 300 employees.

Our Mission is to provide leading retail solutions that improve retail performance, customer experience and transform retail business for the future…


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