Being a DJ is awesome!

Hundreds of thousands of people have tried to become DJs unsuccessfully—because historically being a DJ was a hard skill to learn and came with a very high price tag.

Even a few years ago this video would have been impossible, and traditional gear like vinyl or CD turntables would have still cost you at least $3,000+! Luckily now your total costs for gear are less than $900 if you get the S4 Controller (it comes with the Traktor software), or just $199 for the Traktor software alone.

What You'll Need

Note: if you want to use an identical setup to the one we use in the videos, we recommend ordering the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 on Amazon ($800-$870)

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If for some reason you can't learn from these videos, or you're just one of those people that likes to ask for their money back regardless of how good or bad the product is—that's perfectly fine! We'll give you a full refund for 60 days and won't make you feel bad about it.