OEP… Technology in Plastic and Metal
Your Complete Source for Precision Subcomponents!
OEP specializes in the following superb quality and lowest cost products/services:
  • Custom metal components…cold heading, machining, stamping, powdered, cast
  • Custom injection molding
  • Complete Product Assembly
  • Aluminum Knobs
  • Control, Tuning and Instrument Knobs
  • Appliance Knobs
  • Soft Feel Knobs
  • Pointer Knobs
  • Clamping Knobs 
  • Slide and Push Knobs
  • Managed Inventory Solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Music Instrument Subcomponents:
    • Aluminum and Steel Enclosures
    • Potentiometers
    • Input Jacks
    • Guitar Strap Holders
    • Pick Up Cases, “Strat” Covers, Guitar Pins  and Screws
    • Foot Switches
    • Stereo and Mono Jacks
    • PCB Boards
    • Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Components for all Wind and String Instruments
    • Wah Pedals
Custom Metal Parts
Music Equipment Components

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