Hi! I am Dhruv.


01. Introduction

I'm Dhruv - a developer, coach and aPhD student living in New York. I specialize in designing and developing applications, mentoring and coaching teams and making concepts.

I'm currently looking for a few local businesses to interview. I'm also available for collaboration or just talking over coffee.


Designing and
developing web-apps.


Doctorate Student,
Computer Science,
Pace Unviersity


Coaching teams
on product development.

02. Collaboration

I'm always excited and open to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

In the last few years I haveworked and collaborated with small businesses, students, NPOs and independent businesses.

03. What I have planned to add here.

Places I go to. 001.
Trips I have been to. 002.
Projects 003.
Hackathon Stories 004.
Podcast 005.
Work Experience 006.
Medium Stories 007.
Helping sessions 008.
My Tech Stack 009.

04. Stats

4 Years Experience
in Application Design and Development
10 Countries Visited.
>1k Coffees
and collaborations.

05. Get in Touch

I love to connect and meet with people. Feel free to use the chat box on the page.(powered by Drift)

Have a good one!

Contact Information

  • Visit New York, NY
  • General Enquiries dg83196n@pace.edu
  • Call Me +1 917-912-7231