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Since I can’t afford a new wiring harness right now I decided to clean out my gas tank. It is a little dirty from sitting with gas in it for a few years, but I was sure I could clean it out. I got carb cleaner and some small rocks and dumped that into my gas tank. Then I shook it around for a few minutes. After that I poured it out and did it again because it didn’t get all of it.

After the second round I was satisfied and washed it out with some water. Then I left it outside on a towel to dry. After about an hour it was dry so I put it back on my go kart.

Go kart wiring harness

So I know what the problem is on one of my go karts. As you know it is electric start and it has a wiring harness, but the harness is six or seven years old and it doesn’t work. I have tried to re-wire it but it just won’t work. So I plan to buy a new harness and they are anywhere from seventy to a hundred and fifty dollars. Also even though it is called a go kart harness the ignition is for a quad or four wheeler( although you could just switch the ignition out with a key starter. Right now I am just trying to earn money to buy a harness.


I got three Chinese go karts for my birthday last year and I really want to be able to drive them but they need some work.

I first had to clean the carburetor. If you don’t know what a carburetor is it is the little piece with the air intake and it is also connected to the gas tank. It combines the fuel and air and then it goes right into the piston.

I took it off and it was relatively clean but I still cleaned it because I didn’t something might clog up the little jets in it and then the gas wouldn’t get to the engine. If you have one that is also dirty you can buy carburetor cleaner and clean it. When cleaning it make sure to remove everything that is not metal because it will destroy non-metal parts.

After cleaning I bought an ignition (because my go kart is an electric start) and connected it to the harness (wiring) and connected my battery. I also used this quick start that you spray into the carburetor. After a couple try’s I got it running and kept it running for five to ten minutes. We had it run for a while because it hadn’t run in like four or five years and we wanted to get it moving again so it would be easier to start in the future.

Here is a list of things I used to start it:

If your carburetor looks like it would be to much trouble to fix or you need a new one you can buy a new one on amazon here.