A lot of people aren't happy.

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To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.


Everyone knows Floria is lying.

You didn't join that club, did you?

This melon sounds hollow. Maybe that's why it was so cheap.

There's no need to advertise a good wine.

Bernie was reported missing three weeks ago.

I don't know what that word means, but I'll try to find out.

The sun is about to sink in the west.


He is a seven-year-old boy.


Agony in the era of machinery is not attributed to machinery itself.

That's more than a sentence; it's a painting of words.

Henry was dismissed by reason of his old age.

I write a letter.

Where did you meet my father?

Please write to me once in a while.

Kimmo says he heard the entire conversation.

I told him to leave.

Ariel does whatever we tell him.

How old were you when you had your first date?

They're a couple of cowards.


"Don't forget to write to me!" "Don't worry, I'll send the first lines as soon as I arrive in London."

Judging from what she says, he's guilty.

I love you. Is there any chance you might love me back?

Jerald refused to play poker with us.

I think you'd agree.


He is free to spend his money.


From my point of view, Australia is one of the best countries in the world.

I'm going to meet Patty there.

He said to me, 'Don't make such a noise.'

Rudy divorced Darren three years ago.

Claudia lost half of his chocolate bar, but he gained one friend.

The bill is expected to be enacted during the present session.

Do you want to hear some more?


More than one million tons of coal are mined each day in Australia.

We are going to visit our aunt next Sunday.

"Please don't tell her." "I won't say anything."

You worry too much about her.

His hair has turned grey.

Colin is getting pretty good at playing the guitar.

I think this is good.

Ramanan was nervous, too.

Gary falls asleep every night watching TV.

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I'm terribly sorry if that causes you a problem.

You're exactly right.

And then she let slip a not-so-subtle innuendo about my drinking habits.

Let's order a couple of large pizzas.

She refused to play with it, and just sat and looked angry.


Yesterday was cloudy.


Get Evan something to drink.

A puppet doesn't know that it is being manipulated.

Manolis didn't have a chance to get out.

HEY! Everybody step in line! Follow me!

Pablo got the ticket for free.

How many words does this sentence have?

I want to go back to my friends.

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Kindness in excess is too much of a good thing.

Terry was totally incompetent.

I've got to talk to everybody.

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Where did you find this knife?

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Miriamne is required to wear a suit and tie to work.

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I am going to buy a beer.


Olaf is innovative.


Izchak and Vicki grew closer.


He slipped while crossing the street.

He is related to her by marriage.

He vividly depicted the confusion following the earthquake.

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A neutral country was asked to help settle the dispute.

He's making his children sick with his cigarette smoking.

He intended to have visited Naples last year.

It is better not to go out of your field.

I don't know what Delbert thought.


Her face is covered with pimples.

I've been thinking over the issue for a long time.

I just want Jaime to hear the truth.


He can say such things.


They are what you eat.

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Let me give you my phone number.

He really irritates me.

Finish playing and then we'll study.

My mother prepared me for the bad news.

What was she doing in her room?

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Do you live here?

Aren't you embarrassed?

Cristopher attached some twine to the kite.

I can't believe I did this.

Francisco was impossible to ignore.

The principal goal of NASA's Juno mission is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

Like it or not, you have to take this medicine.

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What kind of talk is this?!

When he was a child, he would go fishing on Sundays.

I'm sure you can manage on your own.

You've taught me a lot.

I couldn't tell what color his shirt was because it was too dark outside.


Yes, I've been there a couple of times.

My dream has come true.

Gotta catch them all.

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I just became president of Poets Without Homes.

The main diet in Japan is rice.

I want to protect them.

Let me see that again, Israel.

I like to get things done early.

She blew him a kiss.

I knew you couldn't hurt me.

You must give up smoking, as it is unhealthy.

We would often go swimming in the river.


He was a tall, thin man.


We must get down to our homework.

He would go fishing in the river when he was a child.

I have one more favor to ask.

I forgot to speak with him.

The words were from a very old language.


She bought a toy for the kid.


He played a very important part in our scientific research.


I do hope you understand.

I don't expect anything good to happen today.

Kee is a horrible driver.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Has Anne returned?

Sergeant doesn't have enough money to buy a house.


How are you going to solve this problem?

He kept silent all day long.

This picture frame can make the picture rise in value.

We won't let you pass away.

I'm twice your age.

Man is a product of his environment.

How do you like Boston?


Lenny wants a lawyer.

Tears again welled up in his eyes, tears of indignation!

No, I don't! I don't know what you're talking about!


The final decision rests with the president.


After his wife died, he lived for quite a few more years.

The neighborhood was cut in two by the highway.

Valeria's my niece.

Judith is Ray's new boyfriend.

She isn't my sister, she's my wife.

Here, I want to complete a few low-level implementation details that may be interesting to readers.

Don't be too hard on me, please.

You are in love with him.

I was crazy about that boy.

The cold weather continued for three weeks.

His slacks are all wrinkled.

Don't tell Laurie I'm coming.

She advised the others on that matter.

I've kind of gotten used to living in a tent.

What else can I add?


Mum is home.

She's not like other girls.

It's going to be packed.


Non-verbal communication is just as important as what is actually said.

He sold me down the river.

The death of her husband was her rebirth.

I can feel pain in both of my knees.

You really know your stuff, List.

I guess I'm not that hungry.

She always buys expensive clothes.

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It must be here.

There's a blanket in the back seat.

I lost my children in the crowd that awaited the last ship for freedom.