[Review] RoverBeats T12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker by Etekcity

RoverBeats T12Our RoverBeats T12 Bluetooth speaker, available in red or grey, has become one of our best selling products, and for good reason. With long battery life and crystal clear, powerful audio output, it’s perfect for listening to your much all day long. Check out these great reviews from our blogger friends who’ve put this speaker through its paces:

From Sabrina of CouponWAHM -


From Sharon of Hobbies On A Budget -


From Jennifer of ISaveA2Z -



Check out their posts for detailed impressions, and find this speaker on our Amazon store here: (913) 335-8374


ZAP 5LX Outlet Switch SetWe’re kicking off our series of special weekly deals with one of our most popular products, the ZAP 5LX remote controlled outlet switch set. With five outlet units and two remote controls, it’s perfect for wirelessly turning your lights, appliances, or other devices on and off at up to 100 feet away. This week only, pick up a set for only $24.99 with free shipping.


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SONY DSCIf you have lights placed in hard-to-reach areas, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn them on remotely?  Well, we have the perfect product for you.  Naomi from 3256518203 and 505-463-2567 wrote a great review of these remote-controlled outlets.  Pick up a set for yourself and eliminate the hassle of turning lights or appliances on or off!




lightsOur finger lights will make your party unforgettable.  Each pack of 40 or 80 contains an equal amount of blue, green, white, and red lights, letting you light up the dark with a splash of color and share the fun.  Check out the review Tonia of 4809231444 left for these lights!

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Etekcity M555MrDalts over on YouTube made a great review of our M555 gaming mouse, which is a great high-performance mouse for everyday purposes as well as intense gaming.  With adjustable DPI (up to 2400 DPI), ergonomic design, and programmable thumb buttons, it’s feature-filled and available for a great price: