About us

We create captive R&D centers for technology companies from scratch: select and hire personnel on your behalf, integrate them with the bulk of your team and provide continued, all-around support.

We Are Lucky

We are lucky indeed to be based in a premier software development location and be able to share with you the multitude of benefits it affords.

We are lucky to have the skills, experience, local knowledge and connections to leverage the above benefits for you.

We are lucky to be able to disrupt the business processes of those technology companies that seek expansion, cost optimization and an opportunity to add more value to their products.

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How We Are Different

The business model we offer and would be eager to fine-tune to your needs eliminates any cultural barriers between you and the talent you need. It allows you to acquire a business unit that will be a seamless extension of your own company, but only a lot more cost-effective and eminently capable of adding more value to your product and service offering.

Your R&D center will be created by us in strict compliance with all your requirements. You will retain full control of your newly set up branch at all times and receive all the assistance you need to make this control as efficient as possible.

We Are in Ukraine


R&D Centers

Apple, Siemens, Ericsson,
Microsoft, Ebay, Skype,
Boeing, Oracle, Magento,
IBM, Aricent, Deutsche Bank


Higher Education Institutions

With 15,000 qualified IT
specialists joining the
workforce every year

200 000

IT Experts

This number is expected
to double by 2020

Best Price /
Quality Ratio

Average salary of developers ranges
from $1500 to $2500 per month

How We Work

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R&D in Ukraine