Welcome to Global Business Owners
Global Business Owners (GBO) is a membership club for company owners, partners, founders and investors. You will find high level business networking and important connections between experienced people from many different business areas. Our philosophy is to create long term business friendships, exchange of knowledge and valuable opportunities between interesting business people. Our mission is to build a global network of local GBO clubs.
We organize lunch & dinner meetings in many cities, to facilitate interesting conversations, exchange of ideas and create significant value for each member. Between our events the members have one-on-one contacts to create the business value, share connections and help each other in projects and investments. Our webpage platform and mobile app are important tools for the business contacts between the members.

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  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “I value the international as well as the local contacts, the modern features of the membership platform and the connection service from the Global Business Owners team. If you are active in the community Global Business Owners brings you both the business value and great new business friendships.“

    Sacha Hold
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “ I was invited to Global Business Owners and after attending the first dinner as a guest the nice and interesting people surprised me. Intelligent discussions and well connected people interested of helping each other. Join as a guest before you take your membership decision, I know you will enjoy the concept.”

    Hans Segerberg
  • Global Business Owners | High Level International Networking

    “The combination of the dinners where we have a nice time among the members and the membership platform where we all can communicate and help each other both locally and around the world is really interesting. I recommend every businessman to join as a guest to get a feeling for Global Business Owners“

    Alexander Dmitrienko