AI that finds visual bugs in your software

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For all phases of your continuous delivery

  • Test while you sleep

    Run tests overnight and have a report in the morning, no need to define new tests, our software will navigate it automatically. Start the day with results in your hands

  • Review and Collaboration

    Review the look and feel of the software at any point in time in minutes. It is much faster to review a doc with all the screens than it is to navigate the whole software.

    Anyone within the group. Can take a look at how the software performed. Engineers can send screenshots of the results. And. Discuss action items.

  • Full Screen Inventory

    Review the look of every screen within the system

  • UX Component Inventory

    Check if the Software is consistent between screens. View if all Submit buttons are consistent across the board.

  • History of how the App looks

    Alterbe Tracks how the product “Looks”, this is unique to alterbe. It’s the only software that allows you to go back in time to look at how the software looked in a previous build.

Product Management

Build products that exceed expectations by identifying where to prioritize your resources

Design and UX

Understand the experience your live site is delivering on a daily basis


Alert your key stakeholders that you’re fixing a bug before they have to tell you about it


Automatically test your site and find out where the outcomes are not meeting expectations