The importance of time and quality in our everyday lives

Quality contributes to happiness Life is complicated, but having everything on the right track can bring a sense of completeness. This applies to the big things, like our homes and offices, as well as to the mundane things. Owning quality items that we can rely on and appreciate makes our lives easier, brings about happiness… Read article →



  As a part of our Microbiome Awards winners interview series, we spoke with Marsha Wibowo of Harvard Medical School, who will carry out her project at the Joslin Diabetes Center. Ms. Wibowo is the winner of the PhD Student category of the 2018 Microbiome Awards. Her project will examine the role of extinction events… Read article →

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Sexual assault is a traumatizing event, leaving a devastating, long-term impact on the victim. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports, the majority of victims still do not report their assault to law enforcement1. The reasons for lack of reporting varies, but one study by Du Mont, J. et al. identified the following… Read article →