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ASI "Elevator Speech"

What do you do?

I work for ASI Government. ASI exists to help our only client, the Federal Government, determine what to buy, how to buy it, how to improve workforce and processes related to buying, and how to make sure our customers get the value they were promised.

From mission needs and requirements through procurement and program execution, ASI helps our clients harness the powerful but often underutilized levers that exist in the Acquisition process to cut costs and improve performance. We provide this support to more than 130 Federal agencies.

The Federal Government spends roughly 30% of its $2.5 trillion budget acquiring goods and services. The magnitude of this budget segment offers incredible opportunity to identify and capture substantial savings that the Government requires at this time of fiscal uncertainty. ASI brings approaches and experience for finding cost savings in every step of the planning, acquisition, and management lifecycles of Government programs.

Why are ASI's capabilities important right now?
  • Federal budgets are shrinking
  • Government workforce is required to achieve more with less
  • Scrutiny is at an all-time high
  • Clients need us to find dollars for reinvestment and to help them stretch their resources through better acquisitions, more strategic and effective purchasing, faster cycle time, and results-based management
  • Clients need ASI's knowledge of the "art of the possible" in acquisition to invest effectively in what to buy, how to buy it, and how to maximize its operational value
  • What are the areas where we can have the greatest impact?

    ASI is focused on four high-impact initiatives:

  • "Quick Hit" Savings: methods that rapidly recover unused funds, identify real savings, stretch existing funds, or increase return on our clients' investments to make an immediate impact on their operations in this fiscal year
  • Strategic Sourcing: frameworks and approaches for Enterprise Spend Management, methods for/uses of spend analysis, application of Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) approaches, and implementation of lessons learned from successes in public agencies and private industry – all focused on maximizing the buying power of the world's largest purchaser, the Federal Government
  • Acquisition for IT Transformation: tools and processes like Acquisition for Agile IT Development that support planning, purchasing, and delivery of today's IT services and solutions, including big data, cloud computing, cyber security, and shared services
  • Workforce Shaping: methods for finding, developing, and guiding successful acquisition professionals, rapidly increasing the capabilities of today's Acquisition and Program Management workforce, and enabling the workforce to thrive in the most challenging environment we have faced in recent memory
  • What do you actually deliver?
  • Acquisition: We create enterprise acquisition strategies, support specific procurements, and transform the acquisition function into a strategic asset focused on maximizing available funds to support mission outcomes
  • Program Management: From requirements definition through performance-based delivery, we drive value-based decision-making into every step in the federal project lifecycle
  • Strategy & Organizational Performance: We help clients establish a clear vision and strategy, execute their plans, develop and train their workforce, and build the organizational capabilities needed to be successful
  • Mission Support: We apply analytical and technical support to optimize collection and use of intelligence in support of national security and defense
  • What makes ASI different?
  • We invented Government acquisition support. We were the first company to provide direct support to the Federal Government to improve acquisition processes and outcomes. Since then, we have been the clear industry leader, with advancements including Performance-Based Acquisition and the Virtual Acquisition OfficeTM (VAO). Our experience enables us to see what is changing in Acquisition and to communicate what those changes actually mean for our clients.
  • We provide support to 130+ Federal Government clients. Every Federal organization performs Acquisition Program Management functions. More than 130 have reached out to ASI for support. Because we serve such a diverse client base, we offer our clients unparalleled insight into best practices and lessons learned from across the Federal spectrum.
  • We offer ASI-proprietary products that reach 25,000+ Government subscribers. We deliver the results of full lifecycle Acquisition Program Management research, benchmarking, and publishing through our VAO, Applied Learning Online™ (ALO), and Tailored Acquisition Portal™ (TAP) services. These continuously expanded resources provide accurate, current information on regulations, policy, legislation, and Government-wide practices that is only available from ASI.
  • We've invested in providing continuous research and education. The professionals who comprise our ASI Research Institute™ and ASI Training Institute™ focus solely on analyzing Acquisition Program Management needs and trends, developing approaches and learning resources, creating tools, and publishing results. The knowledge they develop provides our nearly 300 consultants with information they use daily to support their clients. Our consultants provide feedback to K&LP on methods used in consulting engagements, continuously advancing the practice of planning, acquiring, and managing new solutions. This knowledge engine is an ASI investment our clients can leverage on every ASI engagement.
  • We deliver with a sense of fun and unexpected inspiration. Our public servants continue to deliver for us despite unprecedented fiscal and operating challenges. We believe it is our duty to inspire them with the art of the possible and to uplift efforts through our "Unexpected, by Design" delivery model. It's not just what we do that matters — it's also how we do it.
  • What are the benefits for our clients?
  • We find our clients additional funds and savings in every step of the planning, acquisition, and management lifecycles – the return on investment we deliver typically covers many times the cost of our services
  • We find dollars for reinvestment as well as maximize and optimize our clients' available funds, enabling them to invest their budgets more wisely than ever
  • We help our customers make strategic, high impact decisions, drive successful procurements, and maximize the value of their investments
  • Acquisition
  • For a Defense Intelligence client, ASI developed an acquisition strategy that enabled a $2 billion reduction in the overall cost of global services this agency provides to federal clients. By assessing outdated acquisition approaches and recommending and implementing alternative strategies that met all requirements, leveraged competition, and employed new vehicles and contract types, ASI helped this client realize $1.1 billion in savings on the very first task order awarded on the new contract. Independently verified total savings have grown to more than $2 billion with each of the additional 13 awards made in the last two years.
  • For a civilian client in the National Financial Sector, ASI used VAO guides, templates, and checklists in closing out 1,500 contracts, freeing up $14M+ in current year funding that was then made available for core mission advancement.
  • By bringing key stakeholders together in an "Acquisition Acceleration Center," ASI enabled a National Security client to cut the cost of developing major acquisition packages by 36%, providing more than $1.5 million in savings during 2012.
  • Recognizing one of our National Security client's fiscal constraints, ASI volunteered to assist with processing more than $20M in open de-obligation requests during the fourth quarter of 2012. After ASI drafted and finalized the de-obligation policy and all associated documentation, the total de-obligations spearheaded by ASI freed up more than $5.5M in current and no-year funding that was re-applied to other mission essential requirements.
  • The use of ASI's Tailored Acquisition Portal™ by an Intelligence Community client provides acquisition professionals with process-based tracking, instruction, examples, and templates that enable them to monitor progress and learn while doing and to reduce processing and training time by up to 30%.
  • Acquisition templates, checklists, and examples available through VAO cut time to develop acquisition documents by up to 85%.
  • Program Management
  • In support of a National Security client, ASI employed Lean Process Re-Engineering techniques to achieve a 55% reduction in the processing requirements and cycle time for recapturing funds through close-out of obligated contracts, enabling one group within the organization to recover $380,000 in the third quarter of FY12 and creating a repeatable process the entire organization is now using to maximize funds recovery.
  • ASI is working with dozens of government agencies to improve integration of program management, contracting, finance, IT, and human capital to make the end-to-end acquisition process the primary tool in significantly reducing lifecycle costs. Our research shows that this "bridge the gap" approach has the potential to cut procurement time and costs by up to 50%, but the greater impact comes from a 30-40% reduction in the lifecycle costs of multi-billion dollar programs.
  • Strategy & Organizational Performance
  • ASI's 332-hour acquisition and PM curriculum (provided to more than 11,000 classroom students across Government) enables us to build customized learning solutions up to 40% faster and for as much as 50% less than other vendors.
  • ASI has built more than 115 customized training solutions for more than 20 clients; our standardized processes offer our clients the benefits of quality, consistency, efficiency, and risk reduction.
  • Use of our 85-module Applied Learning Online offering for Acquisition and Program Management training has enabled our Government clients to reduce the average cost of each Continuous Learning Point (CLP) from $40 to as little as $5.
  • ASI provides an across-the-board review of existing and proposed contracts to assess clients' enterprise spending behavior and identify opportunities for applying the guidance of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) in reducing overall costs. Using a share-in-savings approach that rewards the effectiveness of our performance in finding funds for our clients, ASI works to maximize efficiencies by leveraging the organization's buying power.