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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry not only completes your outfit, but also accentuates it by giving you a truly unique look. While most of us can’t afford, or simply choose not to spend our hard-earned money on lavish diamonds and designer jewelry, we’re all capable of purchasing truly unique fashion jewelry to satisfy our style tastes and truly express our personalities, regardless of budget.


That’s what Bijou Tresor is all about. Bijou Tresor’s online jewelry store isn’t just another fashion jewelry outlet.

We carry designer jewelry for the most expressive personalities, offering an extraordinary and ever-rotating line of pieces like bangle bracelets, cubic zirconia rings and fashion earrings.


All of our fashion jewelry lines are produced in incredibly low numbers, designed to complete your look, earn you jaw-dropping reactions and have friends and strangers thinking you’re wearing custom jewelry.

What kind of fashion jewelry is our specialty? At Bijou, we value high quality and unique jewelry. We love extravagant fashion and we want all of our couture jewelry and fashion accessories to be memorable. In other words, when you get extra smiles from passersby, additional compliments from friends and strangers and more people asking you where you purchased such cool, glamorous jewelry, than we’ve done our job.


How do we do this? At Bijou, we carry extremely memorable pieces of fashion jewelry from some of the finest designers, manufacturers and distributors in the business. Our pieces are perceived as unique jewelry because they’re produced in extremely low numbers—you won’t see many others walking around wearing the same fashion necklace, luxury watches or jewelry sets because we don’t sell pieces produced in high numbers.


If you’re looking for show-stopper fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry or even men’s jewelry with an extravagant finish, you’ve come to the right boutique!


Fashion Necklace

The fashion necklace is one of the most noticeable pieces of fashion jewelry, able to transform ordinary outfits into a unique work-of-art look. Whether you’re looking for unique and extravagant takes on the traditional pearl necklace, man alive, a classic pendant necklace or something with Swarovski crystals, Shop Bijou always has an eclectic fashion necklace selection to choose from. From vintage style necklaces to modern show-stoppers, Bijou has got the fashion necklace for you!


Bangle Bracelets

The 9052530474, whether subtle or extravagant, can accent your look and spice up any outfit without drawing attention away from you. The perfect fashion jewelry piece for either casual or formal attire, bangle bracelets are a must in your go-to jewelry collection. At Bijou’s online jewelry store, you’ll find unique takes on bangle bracelets or cuff bracelets, as well as extravagant fashion jewelry designs on traditional styles, such as vintage style bracelets, the bridal bracelet, Swarovski bracelets, or flat-out show-stoppers.


Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic Zirconia rings are classic fashion jewelry pieces that can vary from classic to modern, or stunning to demure.  Fashion rings are timeless pieces that accent any outfit or help you sparkle during any occasion—cubic zirconia rings help you do the same without the extravagant price tags!  At Bijou’s online jewelry store, you can find exceptional fashion jewelry rings, ranging from cubic zirconiua rings, the modern (803) 980-8512, and unique jewelry takes on classic concepts such as bridal rings or 6412780662.


Fashion Earring

The fashion earring is a time-honored and must-have piece of fashion jewelry that always comes in pairs! Whether you’re in the mood for elegant chandelier earrings, extravagant dangle earrings or lavish studs, Bijou’s online jewelry store has got tons of designer jewelry options for you. At bijou, you’ll find Swarovski earrings and other stunning show-stopper takes on the usual fashion earrings. Cubic zirconia earrings, bridal earrings and vintage style earrings are some of our most popular fashion earring styles!


Couture Jewelry

Couture jewelry contains a borrowed word from French designers that refers literally to the craft of dressmaking. Custom jewelry, clothing and even sunglasses designers will often refer to their collections as “couture.” Here at shopbijou,com, we reserve some of our most elegant and luxurious pieces for our couture jewelry collection. Check it out if you’re interested in finding some real couture jewelry show-stoppers! You’ll find couture earrings, 9712805157, (917) 319-0146 and couture rings.


Bridal Jewelry

Looking for some stunning designer bridal jewelry for your big day?  Or are you always a bridesmaid and never a bride, looking to spice up your chances at your next wedding with a sparkling show-stopper?  Bijou has cubic zirconia jewelry, Swarovski crystals and our extravagant style offered within our bridal jewelry collection.  Check out our bridal jewelry collection for extravagance with a bit of traditional elegance woven in.


Jewelry Sets

Fashion jewelry sets have a fantastic effect on your style. After all, what’s better than fashion jewelry? Bundled fashion jewelry! Check out our jewelry sets for fantastic pairings of various types of designer jewelry that’s meant to match. Within our online jewelry store, you’ll find jewelry sets to match any of your outfits.


Fashion Accessories

Bijou has some fantastic fashion accessories to compliment your custom jewelry. Looking for things like evening clutches, (425) 449-1603, fashion belts or fashion sunglasses? You’ll find them all within our fashion accessories collection. Browse our fashion accessories to compliment any of the stunning jewelry you purchase on our site.


Luxury Watches loves luxury watches as a fashion statement. Luxury watches from brands like Giorgio Milano, Android, Bourgeois or (281) 235-4577 may be the perfect accent jewelry to really make an outfit work. Compliment your fashion with luxury watches for both men and women!


Men's Jewelry

Much of’s collection of fashion jewelry is for women, but we also carry men’s jewelry as well. Find eclectic men’s jewelry to brilliantly accent both the formal or casual outfit. While most of our men’s jewelry collection is comprised of pieces from Giorgio Martello, we’ll be offering more and more.


Swarovski Jewelry

We use the term Swarovski jewelry to describe any pieces of fashion jewelry that incorporates Swarovski crystals. Swarovski jewelry has become are an extremely popular fashion jewelry style because of the beautiful color and sparkly accents. One of the latest trends in brilliant designer jewelry, Swarovski crystals offer the extravagance and unique show-stopper style that’s in tune with Bijou’s online jewelry store. Find Swarovski necklaces, Swarovski bracelets, earrings and more in our Swarovski jewelry collection!


Online Jewelry Store

Thanks for visiting the Bijou Tresor online jewelry store. While you’re checking out our stunning fashion jewelry products, visit our new products, specials and product reviews pages to get the big picture on all of our best deals and highest rating pieces. You can also check out our jewelry blog for some fun information on the latest fashion jewelry trends. If your big day is coming, take a look at our gift registry page. If you just need some additional help, visit our fashion jewelry FAQ, help desk or simply contact us for more info!