TL;DR: High-performing growth leaders recognize that ‘Relationships are the Brand’ and ‘Community is the Asset’. #Marketing #CMO #CEO #Growth #Leadership #Investing by @AnandThaker — This begins a series on leveraging … Read more


Wow, what a wonderful discussion with Todd Wilms at FoundersPlace.co who’s book Beyond Product is coming out on Amazon soon. Honored to be the inaugural episode of a long line of … Read more


Another awesome session with Scott Brinker to our follow up on our 2018 State of Marketing Technology address at the MarTech Conference in April. We covered and answered the following … Read more


Honored to serve as a judge for Integrate’s to recognize 2018 top B2B Game Changers… Integrate recently set out to recognize the #B2BGameChangers who are orchestrating people, processes, data and … Read more

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A clip from my presentation at CRM Evolution 2018 conference where I outline the concept of renewable, resilient revenue and why it matters for enterprise and startups businesses. Read the … Read more

Fostering ROI… an Orphan Elephant

I’ve always been fascinated and had an admiration for elephants. Warm, wise, intelligent, and mystical. They just represent and know something about patterns of nature and the universe we have … Read more


AI is an enabling and humanizing support solution. Having been active in AI/ML/NL for nearly 15 years in finance, energy, and sciences, we in martech are finally tipping point. These … nonacademic

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Awesome conversation with the remarkable Titania Jordan on marketing technology, growth strategy, mentoring, Atlanta innovation & startup ecosystem, and getting involved in the local political process.


Talking Stack is a weekly podcast revolving around the current affairs in the world of MarTech. Industry experts and thought leaders Anand Thaker and David Raab join Amit Varshneya (CEO & publisher of MTA) and Chitra Iyer (Editor in Chief … Read more

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Sponsored by Salesforce, I join Brend Leary, a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award-winning blogger and co-founder of CRM Essentials LLC, where we look at the most interesting … (705) 525-7047

GDPR: Marketing’s Tool for Trust?

TL;DR The full global impact or ramifications of GDPR are still unknown. GDPR coupled with other data breach matters have placed customers on alert about their data. Fines can be … Read more

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The AI hype gallops on. Having worked on intelligent systems in energy, finance, and marketing, I’m thrilled we are struggling with using smarter marketing solutions to help us be better … Read more

The State of Martech: An Expanding Universe

The State of MarTech: An Expanding Universe By Scott Brinker & Anand Thaker from the MarTech Conference. We reveal the MarTech 5000 ’18 edition, dispel consolidation myths, new company dynamics, people/tech, … Read more