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She stumbled over a wheelbarrow.

Her look hit me right in the heart.

Why would that make any difference?

I made her go home.

After the performance, she went backstage.

I can't speak that fast.

The baby is sucking his finger.

Brad had a life insurance policy worth three hundred thousand dollars.

He's rich enough to buy two cars.

Tell Cary I'm coming.

I'm trying.

You were happy, weren't you?

At a hilarious party, one frequently finds a wet blanket sitting next to the life of the party.

You were both drunk.

I can't afford this one either.

I can stop anytime I want.

You are pretty like a cherry blossom.

I told Turkeer no.

I answered her questions, but I did not volunteer any information.


I handed Rayan the envelope.

This cake tastes delicious.

You want to become citizens, don't you?

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He is making things more difficult for no reason.

My parents treat me unfairly compared to my sister.

Was Clare upset, too?

People who do not have health plans should wait long to be attended.

Many goods are transported across the globe by ship.

Do you want the job?

Everyone but him comes from Kyushu.

Many people have never seen the Milky Way.

I lived in Boston for three years while I was in graduate school.

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Some days I feel good.

I saw him go out.

Please tell the class about what's going to happen.

Terri sees things differently.

He is making good progress in playing the piano.

I have just changed my avatar photo.

I have a son Kees's age.

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Sanity should arrive in a few minutes.

I lost myself for a moment.

It's not polite to point at others.


This steel bar must be tempered.

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Enjoy your holidays.


Eileen is trying to hide something.

Duncan is listened to because of his persuasive power.

If you were forced to sign it, the contract is invalid.


Children love playing with Lego.


Linder no longer loves Siping.

He was persuaded into doing it against his own wishes.

Giovanni is very pleased with Darin's performance.

My older sister takes a shower every day.

Thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.


Do you want to get married?

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To some life is pleasure, to others suffering.

Come on, spit it out!

Is that the woman who knows the answer?


I don't want to kill any man.

The fact that he was a great statesman cannot be denied.

I only missed one day of work because of a cold and my desk is piled high with papers.

David asked Suu whether she liked the plan or not.

I want you to guess.

Everyone laughed except her.

Our plane crashed into the sea.

The eastern sky was getting light.

I hope Kinch stays in Boston.

Was I supposed to ignore him?

I searched all the dictionaries to find a suitable word.


We are masters of time, not its slaves!

I thought it was worth a try.

It's not going to work.


How much money do you need?

I don't remember how to do this.

We were hoping you could tell us what to do.

I needed a break, so I took one.

I cannot repeat the year. I must pass the exam.


Collin gained American citizenship.

You should work hard.

We're not stupid.

I can't get the cap off this bottle.

How did she manage to do that?

There were five classes in the first year.

By the time we got there, it was already too late.


Have you been in a fight?


Please don't leave me here by myself.

Tell her when you're ready.

We are astonished at the shot.

We arrived at an agreement after two hours' discussion.

You'll need some money.


What he's trying to say is quite sensible in a way.

It seemed never-ending.

No one knows yet.

Tell me about it. I'm all ears.

I'll tell you when I'll get back.


I tried to prevent that from happening.

Leora cracked several jokes before beginning his speech.

It is not necessarily true that what the teacher says is always correct.


The light hit Duncan's eyes.


I am because you are, and therefore we are.

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There were three men in the room.

Green plants carry out photosynthesis.

I was shocked by the price.


I've been working on this for some time.

Barry said he didn't learn anything at school today.

From outside you can.


I have to make photocopies.

This is the best investment I've ever made.

Faint heart never won fair lady.

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My grandfather is a carpenter.

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Janos said, "You can kiss your girlfriend goodbye if you don't kiss her goodbye." which meant "If you don't kiss your girlfriend goodbye, then you'll never see her again."


Tell me we're not both completely stupid.

I am a little scared.

Don't take any notice of what he says.

He left the motor running.

Wendy knows the clock is running out.

Pilot doesn't have a good French-English dictionary.

Rogue is planting a palm tree in his backyard.

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Alf waited impatiently.

Our cat is in the kitchen.

I think I should stop doing this.

He's a smooth talker.

I translate into Esperanto for free.

Your advice counted for much.

This is the solution.

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I can only speak French.

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The Milennium Development Goals aim to reduce hunger, poverty and disease.


Stop biting your nails.


The wind is blowing.

"Would you like to work for me, Tony?" asked Mr Wood.

He knows how to whistle.

He's a lawyer.

Have you ever watered your backyard?

Stock prices could skyrocket.

The old man sat on the bench with his eyes closed.

I want you to start taking things seriously.

I'm quite innocent.

I'd like you to answer my question.

Have you ever seen a tiger around here?

It has slowly dawned upon us that he will not help.

We stretched out our arms.


I took the photo.


It's too sunny to stay inside.

I have to dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed.

Indicate by holding up the appropriate number of fingers!


Brenda won't be able to tell you anything.

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I couldn't afford a lawyer.

Are you and Sofia still together?

2016 was declared the International Year of Pulses by the United Nations General Assembly.

He came down a peg in the eyes of public opinion.

I'm no misogynist, but were I so then I'd surely exempt you.

It's time to go.

Alan accidentally knocked over his drink.

Everyone stayed standing.

Eris was first found by a team of astronomers at Palomar Observatory in California.

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Oh, I'll probably just stay home.

Why are my students lazy?

Fall is late this year.

I want him to be happy.

I should go now.

All you have to do is go there.

Your car makes too much noise. You should have it looked at.

Scott has no regrets.

Marian recently hired three more workers.