He'll be drawn on a hurdle to be half hanged, and then he'll be taken down and sliced before his own face, and then his inside will be taken out and burnt while he looks on, and then his head will be chopped off, and he'll be cut into quarters. That's the sentence.

The city is big.


With this you can make a clean sweep of leftover breakfast smells and such to make the air clean.


I lost my wallet somewhere around here.


"Third wish?" The man was baffled. "How can it be a third wish if I haven't had a first and second wish?"


That happened on several occasions.

Half a loaf is better than none.

You're all cowards.

Please, tell me.

Did you watch the soccer game on television?

I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

Have you decided what your Halloween costume will be?

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I was quite ignorant of the fact.

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Half of the apples were rotten.

What did you think of that book?

Take as much as you want.


Tyler accommodated his schedule to Leith's.

My father is free this afternoon.

Don't fuck with me!

He's in desperate need of a haircut.

What color is the dirt?


I totally agree on that.

I'll drop in on you sometime in the near future.

The impossible has been achieved.

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When did they register the names of the members?

I want to go to college.

The train just left.

Guillermo was forced to continue on his own.

I was forced to support his theory.

I'd love a beer.

What colour is your car?

Nobody told me what time I should come.

Julia has a toothache.

I didn't feel like going out.

I'm getting so tired of you harassing me all the time.

Due to our office moving, we will be closed from May 30 to 31.

We often hear you sing.

Has it happened to you?

We're supposed to be helping Reinhard right now.

I'll call Herbert and apologize.

You probably wouldn't understand this.

People do stupid things when they're tired.

You're visiting a factory tomorrow, aren't you?

Can you stay?

I'm just resting my eyes.

Emil doesn't know which button to push.

She painted the wall pink.

I would rather stay at home than go out on such a cold day.

You would've liked her.


I thought that sounded good.


They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now.

If you had asked someone for directions, we'd be there already.

Joe doesn't come here anymore.

Is there any need for me to go there?

Pompeii is crumbling.

I hope this fine weather holds.

This word is written capitalized.

He gave himself up to her allure.

I told him I'd help.


I've been very lucky today.

Jiri is easily influenced.

Come on, guys, this shouldn't be that hard.

They usually get home later than us.

This place is so depressing.


Ofer is still looking for his locker key.


Shari bought me a kite.

Devon doesn't like maths.

That's what you promised.

The game's about to begin.

I'll save Wolfgang.

Don't tell Fred. That would ruin the surprise.

The appropriation is pin-money; it wouldn't be enough even to build a gym, much less build the administration building.

This is structured as a short speech.

I'll take care of your dog.

I'm considering studying in America next year.

There is nothing more important than friends.

They just stared at Pilot.

Her writing is very good.


I always read the label for them.

Rick was a bit baffled by Sharon's request.

I'll see you soon.

It's normal to be scared. I'm scared too.

I need to call my supervisor.


It's kind of distracting.

Starting is half the task.

Is Sanjeev still too busy to see me?

Sanjay turned in a number of consistently good performances.

The workers pushed for a raise in salary.

It's a good time for a party.

There are beautiful lakes here and there.

I knew that was Marguerite's handwriting.

I am at war with you.

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If it becomes stubborn indeed it stands alone.

Debbie painted the doors blue.

You tell me that all the time.


We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

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There's nothing more we can do.

He was an excellent scientist, and what is more, was a great poet.

I don't know a thing about her.

Do you really want to help me?

No prob.

You should have taken all that into consideration.

George told Jesper not to add sugar.

Roman is playing the piano.

I think this is his umbrella.

She became pregnant.

Amanda told me you were dissatisfied.

I have nothing in common with her.

They put an end to the conversation.

She didn't go there yesterday.

You can't go there.

Shel said that he didn't want to be disturbed.

Two girls threw up on the bus in two days.

Rees always keeps his room neat.

Shirley and Ahmet don't see each other anymore.

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I think she likes him.

Why do you always do this?

His conscience suddenly awoke in him.

Hal told me he likes going to concerts.

I hope you and Ramiro have a good time.


Erwin always feels hungry at least one hour before lunch.


Do you know how much strawberries cost right now?

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Do you want to try another one?


I didn't recognize you.


Sri gazed deeply into Joe's eyes.

Marnix has braces.

This clock seems to be broken.


Stephen wasn't sure how to answer.

Soon after, it began to rain.

Neville didn't know how to say "thank you" in French.

My heart stopped beating.

What's the best way to say this in French?

I'm pretty sure Vivek did what he said he did.

Vance readily agreed to do what we asked.

Lunch will be available.

Josip put the milk back into the refrigerator.


We couldn't be happier.

She came in with her eyes shining.

Let me go and tell Sanand the good news.

Is it possible to be here a little longer?

Why won't you tell me what you want?


Who did the survey?


What you said convinced them.

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I have to weed the garden.

We made far too many mistakes.

Uri added wood to the fire.

You miss your wives, don't you?

The mother tickled her child with a feather.


You don't have to do that now, do you?

He came to meet me yesterday afternoon.

Do you still dance?

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I'd rather eat something else.

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I feel your disgust on that one.


We weren't aware of that.

Are you trying to get a rise out of me?

I'll never leave Boston.

I've just heard a disturbing rumor.

I seldom walk to work.

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Hunger urged him to steal.

Maybe it's better that we don't know.

How much confidence exists that this assumption is correct?

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I am prepared for the worst.

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How much did the tickets cost you?