A job to be done (JTBD)

I enjoyed reading this post on the Innovator’s Toolkit website about Jobs To Be Done.

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen and coauthors articulated the JTBD concept in a Sloan Management Review article (Spring 2007) as follows: “Most companies segment their markets by customer demographics or product characteristics and differentiate their offerings by adding features and functions. But the consumer has a different view of the marketplace. He simply has a job to be done and is seeking to ‘hire’ the best product or service to do it.”

Therefore, if you understand the jobs your customers want done, you gain new market insights and create viable growth strategies. Sometimes a good solution for a JTBD, or a family of JTBDs, does not exist; when this is the case, you have a great opportunity to innovate.


Product Marketing for Pirates: AARRR! (aka Startup Metrics for Internet Marketing & Product Management)

The basic concept is based on 5 types of measurements of user behavior:

A: Acquisition – where / what channels do users come from?
A: Activation – what % have a “happy” initial experience?
R: Retention – do they come back & re-visit over time?
R: Referral – do they like it enough to tell their friends?
R: Revenue – can you monetize any of this behavior?
(… otherwise known as “AARRR!”, and thus the “Pirate” designation 😉

Dave McClure – Pirate Metrics

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