And you know that the origami method can be applied after serving the table? For example, fold a piece of fabric or piece of paper into a beautiful figure and place it on a plate. We suggest that you get acquainted with how to make origami from a salve on a table.Simple flower.Open the paper completely


Origami is an ancient Japanese skill of bending paper in the form of various objects, flowers, animals. Without plain, butterflies and long props. Just paper. The Japanese disagree with the multinational tradition of origami making, which is carried with the knee to the knees, from the parent to the offspring.

There is a belief that the desire will be fulfilled by those who make 1000 pounds of paper.
Ždral has an important place in the Japanese tradition. It represents the symbol of debt and immortality. It is believed to bring happiness, a sign of purity, veneration, rejoicing, and love.

Paper Boards

You will need square shape paper, which is the base for most of the figure. There must be a proper square to get the right figure by precise bend.
Choose a flat desktop. Sit comfortably, sit for one hundred, because if you try to bend the paper on the knees, you will not make a soft grip. When you report, you will be able to bend it in the air with no substrate.


Study the accompanying scheme

You will see that the initial steps are easy, and with the advancement of the hurdles become more complicated and require a higher level of skill. Follow the arrow arrow. These are the most important ones because they show in which direction the paper folds.


Did you know that origami brings calmness, patience and perseverance to those who practice it? This has been assured, for thousands of years, the inhabitants of Japan, creators of this art also known as origami. If you are learning origami and starting to create hundreds of figures, surely you will be interested in knowing how to make a pigeon step by step … Yes You still do not know how to achieve it.