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The best shaving products for men and women

Revolt provides more comfortable shaves and saves you money from longer razor blade life.

  • Get up to 50 times more shaves on a single razor blade
  • Spend only $30.00 and Save $200.00 or more per year from not having to buy more razor blades
  • Save water and help the environment
  • Reduce the number of razor blades going to the landfill
  • Get more comfortable shaves with no razor burns
  • Revolt Shave is Patented under US Patent # 7,559.330 on 7-14-09

Our product will extend the life and save your razor blades.

By submerging your razor and blades in our Patented Revolt Shave shaving solution , they are totally coated with a renewable razor lubricating liquid and barrier coat to protect your face and extend the life of your blades. We recommend that you use our pre shave product to coat your face and whiskers. It will lubricate and condition your face to provide a smoother shave. If you use shaving cream, do not use water. Shave as you normally do without water and without rinsing off the blades, until you are finished. Use hot water to remove the shaving cream and whiskers from the blades. Shake off all the water and submerge the razor in the Revolt Shave shaving solution , until your next shave. The Patented Revolt Shave razor lubricating liquid acts as a barrier coat and release agent to keep the water and contaminants from contacting the surface of the blades, while releasing them from the blade and keeping it clean.  

What the Razor Blade Companies are telling us.

Join the worldwide shaving revolution to stop the generation of lies perpetuated by the razor blade companies. Do not use water when you shave. The razor blade companies have gone from one blade to two to three to four to five blade cartridges to provide a closer, smooth shave. They have not increased the number of shaves per blade but have only increased the cost per blade. They show you shaving in the shower, in the tub, and always using lots of water to continually rinse the blades. They have even created shaving creams to form a sticky mess to gum up the blades as you shave. The shaving cream holds water against the surface of the blades. The combination of water and air causes the blades to rust and corrode. This corrosion dramatically reduces blade life and the number of smooth shaves per blade. From the minute you bring razor blades into the warm and humid atmosphere of your bathroom, they begin to rust and corrode. It is critical to protect your blade in the razor and your spare blades during and between shaves.  Store your razor and spare razor blades in Revolt. 

What we first intended.

Our original goal was to provide a more comfortable and 7188878149. The Revolt Shave shaving solution does that from the first shave to the last. As an added bonus, we are getting extended blade life, saving water, and reducing the number of used blades going to the landfill. This process will increase the number of shaves you currently get per blade by 5 to 50 times. Every blade we have (336) 984-4157has given us over 200 shaves. This reduces the cost per shave to less than $.01 each. You can now afford to shave with the premium three, four, or five blade cartridges at less than you are currently spending to shave. The Revolt Shave range of best shaving products includes both men’s and women’s shaving products . We believe in providing 714-203-4184for smooth shaves!

4 Oz Revolt Lubricating Liquid $19.99
Click Here for Product Details! A 4 oz. bottle will protect your razor blades for over one year. The liquid does not evaporate, but a small amount is left on the blade to lubricate and protect it from water and air.
Revolt Travel Kit $19.99
Click Here for Product Details! Two ounce bottles of Revolt Lubricating Liquid and Revolt Shaving Solution. Save on shipping!
8 Oz Revolt Shaving Solution $19.99
Click Here for Product Details! The shaving solution comes in an 8 oz bottle. Use it to lubricate your face and condition your skin for more comfortable shaves.
Revolt Combo Kit $39.99
unfatherly Kit includes a four ounce bottle of Revolt Lubricating Liquid and an eight ounce bottle of Revolt Shaving Solution. Save on shipping!
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