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    Pharmacy Services Software
    Listening to Pharmacists…
    “The best person to understand what a pharmacist needs in software for professional services is a pharmacist.”

    Combining years of experience in pharmacy and programming
    delivers an innovative, intelligent and intuitive solution.

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    Works on any device
    Looks great
    i3Soft is functional, easy to use and fun. The perfect way to manage pharmacy professional services.
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    Super Flexible Layout
    Six themes, three devices, one website
    Working on your desktop, going mobile with your tablet, or quickly checking something
    with your phone, we have you covered.
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Want to learn more?

Why not watch this short video about the website

Take a look at our features

Professional pharmacy services software, in the palm of your hand, on your tablet, or on your desktop!

Medication review software

By combining years of pharmacy and computing expertise, i3Soft delivers simple, fast and secure cloud-based medication review software, and all for a reasonable price.

Decision support

We provide Evidence-based decision support tools to help you identify issues in the case. Simply enter the patient's medicines, medical conditions, indications, observations, allergies and adverse reactions, and with the click of a button the Evidence-based decision support tools will identify issues and provide recommendations for the case.

Community support

The problem with any decision support tool is sometimes the case is complicated and does not conform to the normal rules. So we have a easy-to-use forum where you can ask colleagues for help.

We acknowledge that your time is valuable, so to reward your participation in the forum you can earn site credits!

Why Choose Us

The best person to understand what a pharmacist needs in software for professional services is a pharmacist.

Our software solution is only for pharmacists, and we listen to what you want.

We give you all the features you need, without giving you features you don't.

  • Do Home medication reviews? we have you covered from the referral to the claim.
  • Do Residential Medication reviews? no worries, our workflow allows you to generate referrals, enter your recommendations and produce all of your reports at the click of a button.
  • Want to keep track of MedsCheck claims? Our reporting lets you know how many claims you have done in a month so you know you will get paid.
  • Need to customise your branding for your reports? You can add your logo to our generic professional reports or you can provide a template.
  • Want to go paperless? From storing the referral to making the claim, everything is stored on the cloud, so you know where it is, no matter where you are.
  • Want in-depth reporting on the types of recommendations you make, compare that with others? We can analyse data in a flash to create high quality graphs and tables .
  • Want a secure space to ask professional questions to other pharmacists?
  • Want best practice security, with extended validation SSL certificates, two factor authentication and the option to encrypt reports?


Works on any device

Don't let technology impair your work. Using our simple and beautiful design you can work on any device.

Whether it is creating your reviews on a desktop, laptop or tablet, or just quickly checking something on your phone we have you covered with our responsive design.