Finally a Real Solution to Getting Started in Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

For years, real estate was avoided by the masses because of the false perception that cash, credit or financing is needed to invest in real estate.

Now with The Beginners Creative Real Estate Investing Course for Flipping Houses, anyone can now invest in real estate without any down payments, without any credit checks and without traditional financing.

This is accomplished with our proprietary systems and processes for doing deals creatively. Zack used25 Ways to Invest in Real Estate with No Money Down.




Myth #1: I need to have alot of money to get started in real estate investing.

This myth is absolutely false. When I got started in 2003, I was dead broke so I had to find a way to do deals without any cash or credit.

When you get my Creative Real Estate Investing Course for Flipping Houses, I’ll show you 25 ways to invest in real estate without any money. If I got started living in this 350 square foot apartment, you can get started no matter what your situation is.

You’ll have my tested and proven systems as your guide. I didn’t have a guide. I had to create it from alot of trial an error.






Because why?

Because it was actually costing them money to keep their jobs. It was limiting their income. The same thing can happen for you but you need to take the 1st step and see if your area qualifies for this program.

Who wants to work a full time job anyway?

One of the goals of our program is to teach you how to go from part time investor to full time so you don’t have to work a regular job anymore. Real estate can provide 5-20 times more income than a regular job. Think about how much that would be for you. 1 deal can be a 1 year average salary.




Here’s Myth #3: I have bad credit so I can’t get financing for deals.

Anyone that hasn’t been educated about creative real estate believes this myth. Here’s the truth: We don’t get traditional financing for 99% of the deals we do so your credit score isn’t a factor. I’ll show you how to do deals without your credit by leveraging the property. We’ll show you how it works step by step.

Listen, if you’ve believed these myths in the past, it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been educated on how to approach real estate creatively because you don’t need cash or credit to do deals when you know how to structure them creatively.

You’ll get the education you need to make quick cash and long term wealth in real estate. We’re in the middle of major shift in the real estate market. We’ll show you how to capitalize on the current market and make a fortune during this major transfer of wealth.

We’re not talking about junky little houses in bad neighborhoods either. This works on nice homes in nice neighborhoods.