Rich is very spirited, isn't he?

There is a small brown dog under that table.

The furniture was dusty.

Shirley's not busy.

Is there any place around here that rents bicycles?

Antonio is shorter than I am.

The others are playing outside.

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I want to grow old with you.

Which train should I take to go to Shibuya?

Has anybody spoken with you?


He has lived here for a long time.

Mobs broke into stores looking for food.

I want him to lose.

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I don't blame you for the accident. It wasn't your fault.

Let's hope for good results.

Gabriel took nothing but the hot soup and a little sherry.

His latest works are on temporary display.

How are we going to impress them?


Today's show is a rerun.


Sergei and I have to buy our tickets right now.

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You're being unfair.

We can walk back.

Antony went for a bike ride.

I'm still very tired.

My sister will be thirteen years old next summer.

Vladimir will likely accept your offer.

A dog runs.

Don't get carried away.

I already went to the butcher's shop this morning.

I hope Anthony can help us.

Do not interrupt when another is speaking.


My father is a good speaker of English.

Abu al-Husayn ibn al-Rawandi, already in the ninth century, held that reason is man's exclusive guide to truth, a quest in which revelation is of no help.

She used to play poker with us.


I'm not responsible for what Heinz did.

Please relax.

He was only a shadow of his former self.

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I wish I were a baby again.

Evan found an old coin just outside the back door.

The room is cluttered with newspapers.


Why do you seem so angry?


I got on a bicycle and chased after the thief.

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Most people really don't care.

The close-cropped lawn is beautiful in the eyes of a people whose inherited bent it is to readily find pleasure in contemplating a well-preserved pasture or grazing land.

The two spotted ladybird is very rare.

How old were these kids?

Lord hasn't sent the parcel yet.

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I'm pretty normal, really.


Isidore reached for a dictionary that was on the very top of the shelf.

If all goes according to plan, it just might work.

Ready or not, here I come.

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I saw the file.

You're the boss.

Don't be stupid.

He wanted to buy a book.

Come and have a look at this.


I am shearing the ewe.

The shopkeeper gave me thirty-three cents in change.

I went to Kennedy Airport to see my friend off.

I think your new hair color looks good.

The Roman legions withdrew in 410 A.D..

Jean is eating a banana.

Brooke seemed to be unable to concentrate.

Pull your head out of your ass!

His success on the examination is due to his efforts.

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Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

By all accounts, it is truth.

Juergen is a good pilot.

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This is going to be fantastic.

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The framework of the new building is progressively appearing.

There's something you need to know.

This flashlight is getting dim.

Elliott has been bitten by a snake.

He is old enough to drive.

He's the perfect man for me.

This is going to take a long time.


Weather permitting, I'll go fishing in a river.

That politician comes from Arizona.

He died last year of old age.


Let's quit while we're ahead.


We stand for democracy.


I'll give them that.

Gary wants to blame us.

Curiosity is nothing more than vanity. More often than not we only seek knowledge to show it off.

What are you thinking?

She went to sleep and never woke up.

He hopes that something interesting happens.

Eduardo offered to let me use his car tomorrow.

I know you know what I'm thinking.

I can buy what I need on my way home.

The night was long.

We respect him as a good senior.

At this time, there's no safer place to be than right here.

I'm tickled pink about winning 10,000 yen at the horse races.

I feel like I've been thrown in the deep end.

Those times aren't coming back.

He lived with her for a few years in Italy.

I saw her go inside.


He was forced to return to Washington.

What were you doing together?

You'll regret what you've done.


How much damage was done?

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"When do you get up?" "At 8 in the morning."

The therapist is treating the patient for a back injury.

Mario agreed to meet with Mitchell.

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I asked Ronni to react with moderation.

Where is it hidden?

Jigsaw refers to a fret saw - that's how the name's origin was derived.


She arranged her hair for the party.

Are you seriously thinking about eating all that?

We're going back for them.


Sidney called while you were in the shower.

I could not speak to him.

He accepted my idea.

I'm a lifeguard.

Why don't you give me the knife?

Are you going to go to Boston next week?

We can't wait for him.

You don't really believe that nonsense, do you?

"Hand over your gun", said the policeman.

There are a few books in the bag.

Come and celebrate Canada day with a fun-filled evening of live music and dance performances, family activities and spectacular fireworks.

Vidhyanath won't like it if you come with us.

Sean Connery is a Scottish actor.

I hope you have a successful performance.

You can always ask for Barbra's help.

I tried to master English for more than ten years, but I failed!

Will you put that thing away?


No sweet without sweat.

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The gods help them that help themselves.


Who else uses this room?

I can't help but marvel at the extent of human stupidity.

We've had discussions about that problem.

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I have a bit of an emergency.


Books became more available.

The statistics are in your favor.

I thought you said someone was going to meet us.

My advice would be to avoid Bill today.

Do you know how I can get in touch with Art?

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Leigh obeyed Rudolf.


Have you ever been stung by a scorpion?

Let's see. I bought it last week.

When was the last time you felled a tree?

I found the building.

The monarch's head appears on the front of all British coins.

Why can't you stay with her?

I'll work with them.


I don't like playing on a team.

Can you recommend a good place to eat Mexican food?

The animals had to be killed.

We're not doing the best we can.

That's where I can't agree with you.

Please stand face to face.

Hello, this is Mike.


Murray used to work as a fashion designer.

I take it that you are fully acquainted with the facts.

Bring your wife.


I shouldn't have wasted my time reading that.

I can sleep on the couch.

I do a lot of worrying.