I only think of you.

You're confusing her.


Is it true that Alvin changed his name?

This is the first time I've ever been absent.

Is that really true?

I don't want to cause you any more trouble.

I won't return to that terrible place.

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Mann did his best to find a reason to stay.

Kristen was left for dead in the desert.

I hear that you yourself are quite the smooth operator.

Did you have a good time at the dinner?

I think I'd better go.


What did you think I told her?

Her life ebbed away from her through her wounds.

Don't you know that you are the laughingstock of the whole town?

Do you eat bread during lunch?

The incident left a spot on his reputation.

Nils's very lazy.

Meet lots of people while your father is still alive, go to many places while your horse is still strong.

According to this map, there used to be a church here.

These are the rules.


Susan will be ready to the party in one hour and will need someone to pick her up.

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According to the fortune teller, I was supposedly a prince in another life.


History books write that after the Mongol invasion of Baghdad, many books were thrown into the Tigris River and therefore the colour of the river turned blue with the ink of books.

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I'm a completely new person since that night.


My mother was a wonderful woman.

Let's go along this street.

Absolutely not. It's too cold today.

Last evening I was rung up by an old college friend whom I had not heard from for years.

Cecilia promised to clean the living room.

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I hear you're studying French with Ofer.

I'll bet it hurts.

I made the last bus by a few seconds.

The Japanese live mainly on rice.

She used to be flat-chested - just when did she get so large?


Rajiv has been in there for a long time.

Are you texting your girlfriend?

I couldn't help laughing at his joke.

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This patient's life is in danger.

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Lynnette didn't even say goodbye to Suresh before he left.


He examined the spare parts one by one.

Most of Ahmet's friends were boys.

There's no question about that!

The man hit me on the head.

I always read myself to sleep.


I didn't know Bonnie did that.


Tovah is the same age as Srinivas is.

I speak English.

She drives an old Yugo.

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You should call them right now.


Oh! It's my day.


Don't talk unless you can improve the silence.

I've been waiting for them.

People who do not have health plans should wait long to be attended.

Josh scored a goal.

I shot one.

'Number-withheld' calls are scary, it's best not to answer them.

She may realize later on what I meant.

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Charlene didn't have time to do the job properly.

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Happy were the students who had such a good teacher.

I was getting a little nervous.

This one belongs to him.

That is not your cup.

Ethan took his family to the zoo.

I have to help my mother.

Surya can't remember the last time he ate dinner with his family.


He bicyled to the beach every weekend.

Where's my diary?

I wouldn't play along.

There is definitely a way to quit the world and live like an hermit in the mountains, being self-sufficient and without contact with anybody while not dying like a dog.

Jean-Pierre seemed pretty messed up.

Janet began running.

Where's my diary?


It isn't Kathleen's fault.

Please call me up later.

I like my steak cooked medium well.

This is ours.

He refused to make quick decisions.

A steamship is, without doubt, a city in itself.

"Why didn't you eat?" "I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry."

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Well, what's wrong with it?

Can I see this one?

What's that thing you have in your hand?

I believe that we can back them up.

While we were out for a picnic, our house's lock was picked by a thief.

"Funny," said the old woman as she granted his wish and disappeared forever. "That was your first wish."

I need you to back me up.

I suppose I felt a little jealous.

Granville is a very strange person.

What time was she born?

Tell me what you think about Francois.

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Generally I don't like listening to country music.

The leaves turn in autumn.

I'll call on Mr Brown tomorrow.

Don't believe him.

Did you also invite your friends?


I must be there before 7:00.

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Elwood wants this room spotless.

I'd like to thank you for helping us.

Press the brake pedal to turn on your brake lights.

He rented the garment for the day.

The city lies east of London.

This is not witchcraft.

She froze me in her stare.

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Playing the keyboard is like riding a bike, you cannot unlearn it.

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He's always here between five and six o'clock.


I feel like I'm just starting.


The money will do for the time being.

I think Prakash was lied to.

The patient is lying flat on her back.


Kenneth is going to find the answer.

One hundred cents makes one dollar.

His honesty cannot be doubted.


They caught sight of the man among the crowd of people.

I never drink tea with milk.

The people who left yesterday are from Scotland.


I didn't know you could play the trombone.

She may not be at home now.

In February it snows at least every three days.

Public interest has fallen off a lot.

Just stay out of our way.


I watch TV.


Bjorne isn't very spontaneous.

Pontus never returns my calls.

I'll stay out of your way.


I haven't spoken with Luis for two weeks.

It's right next door.

I've been here since 2:30.


The specialist predicts international tension will build up.

Jamie cried bitterly.

Bless you!


This desk is made out of reclaimed wood.


Few things can compare to the joy on your child's face as they open their Christmas presents.

Marshall's passport has expired.

Do you need to lie down?


Did you notice any errors?

What was the cause of your quarrel?

Vladimir wondered where Rex had put his hat.

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Dan found blood spatter on the wall.

I hate that you have to leave.

Most of the policemen lost their jobs.

Ken laid aside some money each week.

You have no reason to be angry.

I really care about him.

He likes girls.


It's filled with stories from last summer.

Alison was aware that everyone was looking at him.

The Inca took baths more often than Europeans.

I want you to find them for me.

What color are Jeany's eyes?

I was compelled to confess.

My gloves are size medium.

When were you planning on telling Gordon that?

This job is dead easy.

He'll wait for you.

I wonder why Luke doesn't like me.

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I look forward to seeing you again.