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Alf is a botanist.


Hello, do you have room in your place for me to spend the night?

I feel much worse today than yesterday.

We came very close to succeeding.

I'll see him tomorrow night.

I wrote to Mr. Wood last week and asked him to give you a job on the farm.

Do you want to go fishing tomorrow?

Volkswagen shares fell by more than 20%.

Ping has been married a long time.

Today is a beautiful day for a picnic.

I really wish I could believe you.

Why haven't you gone to the police?

His experience lies in the field of entrepreneurship and social responsibility services.

It doesn't require a scholar to interpret.


Annard and Lawrence spoke quietly so they wouldn't wake the baby.

We have five kinds of kebab.

It is going to be quite cool.

This cap belongs to Isaac.

The heroin isn't a good thing, stay away from it!

We don't want to wait any longer.

It's a truly difficult problem to fix.

Even though we're supposedly in a recession, people are traveling abroad in record numbers this Golden Week holiday.

They felt their candidate would win in 1860.

We had to put off the meeting because of the traffic accident.

I didn't know you had a brother.


He recovered quickly.

Did you go upstairs?

What an intelligent woman she is!

Impressive, isn't it?

People were choked with the gas.

This knife is used to cut meat.

Do you really know what Pria did?

The mail train lost most of its mail in the fire.

He is the baby of the family.

I wasn't in the room when Sabrina asked Philip to help him.

I'm going to tell Agatha everything he wants to know.

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The present writer doesn't like such a tendency.

Your pen sucks.

Eat whatever you want.

I am going to call on him tomorrow.

Lukas says that he wants to conquer the world.


Hon's plan worked brilliantly.

We're spending too much money.

Flames have no mercy for anyone.

It's your fault that we arrived late.

Prince William is second in line to the English throne.


Thereafter we heard no more from him.


Today, I got up very early.

I'll try that.

Stop pretending to not understand.

Warren is almost thirty now.

May I take your order?

Your wish is my command.

I'm not done with them.

Granville made a few grammatical mistakes.

What are you doing in your life?

I'm pretty sure that Slartibartfast would tell us if we were wrong.

When does your business trip begin?

That will cost you a lot of money.

She was selfish at the college.


He mistook the bottle of acid for water and drank it.

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He got out of the trouble by making believe that he couldn't hear.

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Robbin was bitten by a wild animal.


I don't think it's right.

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The children rolled down the hill.

Brender looked at the agenda.

What makes you think that I'm against that?

Let me go with her.

This car needs new tires.

Don't cry. It's going to be okay.

Please see if there are some mistakes in this sentence.

Four months later, Seth emerged from his self imposed hibernation.

Joni isn't going to let Elric get to him.

Tollefsen has always had that problem.

Narendra made it quite clear what he wanted.

Margaret stole two bases.

This kind of plant grows only in the tropical regions.


Let's make it brief.


Although I graduated many years ago, I will never forget a single one of my teachers who taught me.

Maurice made a scene.

You shall have it for nothing.

He will be really pleased.

Theo complained that his wife was spending too much money.

Sit down, please.

Real friendship doesn't mean that you will never run out of things to say, but that you don't get embarrassed when you don't have anything to say.

You can call me any time.

I have the shits.

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I am dead tired from walking around all day.


We'll carry it to the barn.

Takeuchi gave Daryl something to eat.

Donne was confined to a bed for three months.

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He's offered to help.


Whenever you get lonely, feel free to come and talk to me.

Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.

Why shouldn't Leung talk to you?

When I was a kid, I was all thumbs.

Do you think she would forgive me?

Roxana wants to get married.

Wasn't that a lot of fun?

She is fresh from college, so she has no experience.

That's pretty hot.

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Yiddish is written with the Hebrew alphabet.


I had only one drink.


Novorolsky needs my help.

Old has got to get ready for dinner.

I think Thomas was hiding something.


Football is communal in Brazil

Watch him and do the same thing.

Tomorrow he'll play tennis.

I faxed a map to them.

Take care not to turn the box upside down.

I wanted to improve my Japanese pronunciation.

This is the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Women like men who make them feel special.

This money is for a rainy day.

I remember last summer's adventure.

She devoted her life to the study of science.

I should've called for help.

If he had known her phone number, he could have called her up.


I'm pretty sure that Gregg just made up that story.

I admired them.

He succeeded by dint of effort.


I worked part-time doing housekeeping in a hotel, but found out that it was just not for me.

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Have you read the book "Vegan until 6 p.m."? It describes a new way of losing weight.

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I am the boss in my office.

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She sings soprano.

Knut's a freshman on the soccer team.

We could ask her.

I hope I can keep up with you.

If I had money, I could buy it.

Don't give fish to a poor man; teach him how to fish.

You could've told me that earlier.

I'm trying to find her.

Monica is a famous artist.

It won't be easy to sell this house.

The doctors revived Clem with a defibrillator.

She identified the victim.

Go to the store before it closes.


If you stop and relax, this will relieve the tension and stress in your shoulders.

I am learning Swedish and German.

I told you never to come here again.

I was often seized by despair.

If you'd listen, you'd understand.

Are you going to play tricks on me again, you naughty boy?

Claudio won't be able to do anything about the problem this week.

I think you'll find it interesting.

We're wasting valuable time here.

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It feels good to be back.


The monkey, trained properly, will be able to do a lot of tricks.

I didn't call you stupid.

What he told me yesterday is a white lie.

Hurf told me Masanobu was emotionally unstable.

Do you have any problems with that?


I love being a teacher.

He apologized to her for being late.

I've seen a lot worse.

Most women think like that.

How many people contribute to Tatoeba?

I've asked myself that question a million times.

I haven't heard any complaints.

Pierce is evidently sick.

We don't know yet if he really broke his leg. They'll do an X-ray of it.

I had dinner with them.

Could you come in here for a moment, please?

I'm not sure I really want to do this.

It doesn't look like a good place for bargains.

Please follow me.

What sign were you born under?