These are on sale everywhere.

And unlike Oshin, they do complain although certainly not at work and generally not in public.

She meant it.

Do you have any questions before we get started?

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I'll wait here for you.

We have an unscheduled stop.

She found employment as a typist.

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You shouldn't have doubted me.

Nobody wants him to come.

I informed her of his arrival.


My grandfather used to work for his grandfather.

Kyle isn't as sure of himself as he used to be.

You've got my number.

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Have you ever taken a rest in your car?


I took a book from John and gave another one to Jane.

Will you go?

It is safe to skate on this lake.

I never meant to say anything about what happened.

Opinions are divided on the issue of taxes.

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Instead of preparing a dinner by candlelight, she put her boyfriend up for auction on eBay.


Dan wants Linda back.


That's part of the fun.


Stacey's a terrible joke teller, because he often forgets the punchline.

Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

It'll be difficult, but not impossible.

I know that running boy.

Is it OK if I start?

I was surprised that Pieter wasn't there.

I think you're doing well.

I don't remember ever meeting you before.

Cynthia says he wished he could go with us.

Elsa isn't going to marry you.

It's nice of him to bring such gifts.

"Can I get you a beer?" "Do you have anything stronger?"

There is much more to be done.


Harris won't get away.

Sushi is delicious.

Ssi has no intention of apologizing to Wendell.


I was moved by her love for other people.

You'll probably never see me again.

Where's the entrance?

His car is really cool.

Do you really have enough money to buy such a valuable watch?


I agree with you guys.

I'll pay attention. I promise.

I wonder if there's some way of attracting more Japanese speakers to Tatoeba?

The moment they saw me, they waved.

Would you really want to do that?

Pat asked for more coffee.

Those students are Korean.


Did anyone see it happen?

It's supposed to rain every day for the next week.

It happened that there was a hole in my pocket.

I'd like to stay for one night.

Please give my regards to your parents.


She has a a tidy apartment.

You think she's cute, don't you?

I thought Leigh and Teriann were hungry.

Glen always seems to be very busy and doesn't seem to have much free time.

The insurgency was widely condemned in state-controlled mass media outlets.


He has bulging biceps.

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I know that you are learning French at school.

Julius looked like he was getting ready to leave.

Sofoklis couldn't work out why Shai was so cranky all the time.

Knapper is quite unhappy.

The cylinder head of the car is broken.


That's the deepest part of the lake as well.

I've been trying to tell you what needs to be done, but you keep interrupting.

It is a love song.

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He went into the bazaar. I don't know what's keeping him there.


Try to hold it together.

My father always took me to school when I was young.

My father will kill me.


She doesn't even know that I exist.

These colors harmonize very well.

Timothy looked terrified.

I always brush my teeth after eating sweets.

I am not in the humor for working hard today.


Do you know what causes that?

I remember the house where I grew up.

The whole world knows that.

Welcome to the first French class.

This reminds me of Perry.

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the continued efforts of these extremists to engage in violence against civilians has led some in my country to view Islam as inevitably hostile not only to the United States and Western countries, but also to human rights.

The farmer rose at sunrise and worked till sunset.

I like all kinds of music but I'm most fond of classical.

Stanly tried to convince Jess to put on sexy lingerie.

He has a morbid fondness for murder mysteries.

Where is the gas station?

We can't go in alone.

At last he fell into so great despair that he thought he would put an end to his own life, and for this purpose laid hold of the sword that the Princess had given him; but on drawing it from its sheath he noticed that there was some writing on one side of the blade. He looked at this, and read there, "You will find me in the Blue Mountains."

I turned in a paper yesterday.

The landscape was bathed by the warmth of the sun.

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

Has the fever gone down?


He didn't so much as greet us whenever he met us.

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Overpopulation is the problem.


Edgar asked for my permission to use the phone.

I don't think many people can say they are satisfied with their salary.

I can't think of any reason why Barbara would want to leave.

She put the gun to her head.

It was still raining.

The bill still has to be paid today.

You can go home after you have finished this work.

Alright! They're all mopped up!

Peggy took a sip of my drink.

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We found that everyone was asleep.

The sight of blood turned his stomach.

The old woman went, and soon returned along with the Princess.

So how did you really feel?

Please don't change anything.

Duke made Neville a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

How much did that cost?

When we went to the hall, the concert had already begun.

What's wrong with my computer?

We came upon the parade when we turned the corner.

Kenn walked out of the courtroom, surrounded by reporters.

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Just you and me.

My wrists were sore after lifting wieghts.

With all these social activities, when do you get a chance to study?

Man is different from animals in that he has the faculty of speech.

Where is my Mezuzah?


Helge has a better idea.

Kikki isn't awake yet.

Can anyone vouch for your whereabouts last night?

Who else was staying there?

Where can I buy books?

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This is complicated.

Trevor stretched himself out.

This plant has some burned leaves.


I don't know much about you.

I thought that was the whole idea.

Clara is living his dream.

I know that it sounds crazy, but you've got to believe me.

I got a rash from cosmetics.

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"Are you happy to be alive?" "Yes, I'm happy."


Radishes might be more expensive than the carrots.

Did you forget your wallet again?

Soccer players make a lot of money.

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I think I was dancing in my sleep.

I've got two cars, but they're both out of service.

I'll get hungry.


I know what Rainer did to them.

There's still some beer in the fridge.

I'm visiting my grandmother in hospital.

Latin is not as difficult as Greek.

Americans eat a lot of meat.

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Are you Canadian?

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I sent an email to you.

We don't really know Ro.

I wish you could stay longer.

The president was visiting France that month.

I have nothing else to add to that.

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Tomorrow, there's likely to be rain.


Do you have a new girlfriend?

Please be honest.

Ole has worked hard all his life.

I think he has a small dick.

We live in a society; not just in an economy.


He said her mother doesn't love him.

This style is much in vogue.

I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.