If I were to be born a second time, I would like to be Canadian.

I think Gale is wealthy.

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She wept over her son's death.

Don't let them near my kids.

Without his pants, the general looks less impressive.

We should guard against traffic accidents.

You're the only person I know that doesn't like bananas.


The weather is fine today.

She activated the account.

She looks like an Indian.


Give me a few.

We don't need Knudsen anymore.

He had few friends and little money.


I think we'd better stay inside.

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Read it and weep.


Some unexpected difficulties have arisen.

She is all in all to me.

Vaughn told me he was going to the gym.

What exactly happened to you?

I have a lot of activities which take up my time.


All you have to do is to work harder.


I went to Disneyland with my mother.


Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

The man groaned in pain.

I'll tell him when he comes here.

We're at home today.

One civilian was killed.

I'm going to figure out who did this.

He's a very fine musician.

"Are you upset?" "No. Why would I be?"

At that time, my mother was younger than I am now.

Do you need assistance?

If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.


I can't let him go alone.

You need to let go.

Deirdre got into the house through a window.

We heard them.

Bairbre is careful.

I don't trust the police.

He didn't quite hit it there.

"Let's dance." "I thought you'd never ask."

It's been a stressful day.

No one has died... yet.

Every week he goes fishing.

Ariaios will at once withdraw, so that not a friend will be left us.

I'm glad you asked that.

Get your ass in there.

I wish I had time for a girlfriend.


It looks like Stacy decided to stay.

I'm sick of hospitals.

She's not old enough to have a driver's license.


I just met a sexy MILF.

That shouldn't be hard for you.

I am going to put this machine to the test today.

I think I'd better go and look for Thierry.

Where did you massacre them?

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That's what I'm investigating.

What on earth do you want to talk to Dawn about?

My bag was stolen.

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All was calm.


It was typical of him to arrive late.


Gregory is romantic, isn't he?

What does Kathy want to know?

He could not come on account of his illness.

Kieran is partially paralyzed.

Reducing deforestation is one way to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

I never dreamt that I would win first prize.

She made his hair curl.

There was a loud explosion.

You're not too busy to talk, are you?

I didn't shoot Justin.

I stayed at Frederic's house in Boston.

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Cuzco lies about 3,500 meters above sea level, and you can still see many Incas there.


Look, he's coming.

Ask me anything you want to know about Boston.

I'm looking for a coat. I'm short so the length should be on the short side, and as refined a design as possible.


She must have forgotten the promise.

Do you think you and I are compatible?

First of all let me speak about the meaning of these words.

I wonder why tennis is played in mini-skirts.

Which one of these boys will you give the book to?

Have my eyes also started to fail?

It's almost over.


He tried to maintain a calm expression, but his shaking hands betrayed him.

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Mother cut the cheese with a knife.

A sapper can only be wrong once.

The point is that you didn't teach them grammar.

I don't believe that either.

We have to get dressed.

You'd better examine the contract carefully before signing.

I'd like to make some changes in the draft.

Who are those men in white suits?

The teacher likes to randomize the seating every month so that the students get to sit next to new people.


There isn't a cloud in the sky.

Get Orville on it.

It's been a while since the last time.

How about staying with us for a few days?

I really appreciate the help you've given me over the years.

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Bob could not control his anger.

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He hasn't started soldering the electronic components on the printed circuit board yet.


I never claimed that I could speak French.


He knows the city well.

Dimetry is our best player.

Don't twist my words around.

The bear is walking up and down in the cage.

They sell carrots at the grocery store.

The last hope fled from her mind.

Scott unplugged the toaster and put it in a box.

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I feel that I understand your feelings.

We were very tired, and to make matters worse, it began to rain.

I'll turn thirty next week.

My teacher told me to read as much as I could.

I have my life savings invested in this store.

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Hamilton does not respect Alejandro's opinion.

To the best of my knowledge, the lake is the deepest at this point.

I hope I haven't interrupted you.

I asked him to describe it.

What's wrong with being nude in your own house?

I will make him go.

Don't taunt him. He's liable to fight back eventually.

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This isn't my first time to drive a sports car.


I love speaking Spanish.

Magnus looked after our dog while we were away.

Freedom is what we're fighting for.

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Why are you getting involved with Angela?

I was attracted to the girl.

I've said what I had to say.

We all want a new car or a new phone.

It was his decision.

I don't know how many minutes we've got.

It took less than five minutes for me to write that letter.

My friend has finally paid his entire debt.

I especially liked the way you sang the second song.


Steak lies heavy on the stomach.


What're we supposed to do with that?

Kieran wants to eat some apple pie.

Sheila never hesitated.

The girls all laughed.

You have told Erick the truth, haven't you?

The main advantage our company is professionalism.

What's in there?

Come try.

On the way to school, I met my friend Karlo, who was walking.

Wendi and I work well together.

Anyone with an opinion please raise their hand.


A mysterious sound approaches.

I found it impossible to get in contact with him.

I am often confused with my brother.


You learn more from trying to repair a TV than from watching one.

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Tell Carlos we want to know the truth.


Did you like this video?

If Congress ever ratifies that law, we are all doomed.

I knew them a long time.

Melanie knows the truth.

I'd appreciate it if someone translated my sentences.


First l was afraid.


Thomas is very conscientious.

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I love learning other languages.

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Dominick hasn't slept all night.