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Brendan and Phiroze exchanged looks.

Elias is an outstanding actor.

Today, Mom has made an apricot cake.

Our company is a limited company.

He returned to the army camp.

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How I have missed you!

By George, he exclaimed with a gesture of surprise, I think that they're all crazy!

I'm going to find and burn your fucking children!


The film began at 2.

Have you ever read a book written about Japan?

I've always written home every week and I still do.

You're safe with me.

She asked me to open the window.

Keith tripped.

We took turns telling tales of strange happenings.

Look, I'm a little busy.

My bookcase is deep enough to take large dictionaries.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me that.

They said they never saw Cyrus.

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I don't know what the meeting will be about.

It's only another false alarm.

Jamie never forgets a name or a face.

Heinz is just watching television.

The kitchen table was bare except for a bowl of fruit.


Where have you been all day?

This drink clearly has the same flavor as tea.

Mr. Jackson is our French teacher.

This year we are going to spend our holidays elsewhere.

I would appreciate any information you can send to us.


Jose took part in a scheme set by the police to capture the serial murderer.

The papers found lots of monkey business when they investigated the Recruit scandal.

I learned about the accident in the newspaper.

I need a drink.

Convulsions can occur when they run a fever.

There was one American, one Canadian, plus about ten Germans.

You'd look good in that dress.

The movie wasn't half bad.

They shouldn't have to apologize.


I'm not English.

She knows many things.

I thought Antonio and Brooke would get married.

Can you tell us where you were that night?

Neither was true.

Nicolette and Heather have been here since 2003.

What's your goal?


He's a movie buff.

I'm thinking of switching majors.

Anne asked Betty to listen carefully to everything John said.

There were hundreds of ticks in its fur.

We both looked ridiculous.

She wants to buy a present for her boyfriend.

I've always wanted to be a father.

I must tell Omar that.

He wanted to be respected by everybody.

You can search words, and get translations. But it's not exactly a typical dictionary.

He came here by way of Boston.

I know Myrick was disappointed.

How many spoonfuls of sugar do you usually put in your tea?

Mat picked the box up and looked inside.

I thought you were happy here.

Do you want to talk about this?

I can tell from your face that it's not good news.


He's the man I told you about.

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Dinosaur eggs? Impossible. These animals are already extinct.

His room is always filled with his friends.

Sassan rushed down the hall to his office.


My date shivered and sweated uncontrollably as she asked me for children way the hell too early.

I've been expecting them.

Except for Bill, they were all in time.


A woman convicted of stealing $1 million from her employer, started off by helping herself to a few dollars from the till a couple of times a week.

If you swallow a dangerous substance, it depends on the substance which measures need to be taken.

His wife has a lovely figure.

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I didn't come here to talk about my problems.


Daniele was chosen from among 300 applicants.


It's one of the most expensive cities in the world.

He professed himself satisfied.

She had no money.


I love golf.

She considered his offer carefully.

He didn't want me to comfort him.

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She uncorked a bottle.

It's unfair to stereotype all young people as potential troublemakers.

I don't care for Alice.

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After a few minutes, I began to lose interest in the conversation.


We have to leave.

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Kit won't speak to anybody.

I am listening to the radio.

If you think your team can win against our team, you've got another thing coming!

Danny brought a blanket.

I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.


Tandy said he just needed more time.

Please tell me a ghost story.

Guinness is the finest of beers.

I'm really not as bad as you think I am.

What I want to ask is how roundabout should I be?

It may take a few weeks to get used to working the night shift.

Agatha has his heart in the right place.


I'd like to page someone.


I was never told that.

She can't drink alcohol.

Would you like to trade jobs?

Do you have the schedule?

A good master wouldn't let his dog out in such cold weather.

He sent me a present.

The police found Winnie's blood on Guillermo's shoes.

Excuse me, let me point out three mistakes in the above article.

I owe him 300 dollars.

My father worked hard night and day.

Who was Marika?


When the person is old enough, he can get circumcised.

I want your money.

It's official now.

So late that it's already early.

Trey was pacing back and forth in the parking lot, waiting for George.

Doyle is very popular among the students.

Children should keep away from the river. It's dangerous.

Did you choose those songs yourself?

It's almost done.

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The children played blind man's buff.

Stop dramatizing.

I went to donate blood today.

His idea is too abstract to be of practical use to us.

Facebook will buy WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars.


I like outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.

We're in sync.

Conrad looked up from his iPad and smiled at Clem.

We're excited.

Jess got a job at a local pizzeria.

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A painter only becomes a true painter by practicing his craft.

In the past you all used to love virtue and good deeds; why do you no longer love these?

We gave them food.

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You love her, don't you?


Don't forget the accusative!

I'm not drinking tonight.

The country is in a bad economic state.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

As is often the case with old people, my grandfather keeps early hours.

Was this supposed to be funny?

I have post-traumatic stress disorder.


She turned 16 years old.


This must stop.


I don't have time to write.


Your parents can't keep us apart forever.

I would never in a million years have expected something like this to happen.

I just have one thing to say to those who hate me: It's your problem.

I told the librarian that I needed the book for a report due on Friday; so she said she would call it in.

He never breaks promises.

I speak Spanish.

Harmon committed suicide when he was thirty.

That's sort of sweet.

Remember what we spoke about yesterday.


More information is needed to recognize an unexpected phenomenon.

He failed to follow our advice.

Matti is still a little angry.


My dress is ruined!

It may indeed be strange, but that's the way it is.

I'm going to release you.


It is as good as lost.

Barbara didn't know how to say "thank you" in French.

I thought Nanda would leave the book with Vicki.

Maurice was always different from the other kids.

Have you heard anything?

How did you get that much money?

Are you able to grant us a special discount of 5% for 50 sets of the product?