I wish I could drive.

We appointed Mr Wood chairman.

When I was at school, we were caned regularly. Nowadays, it's illegal in many schools for a teacher to hit a student.


From the look of the cabin, no one lives in it.

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You're so different.

Ji said that he would help me.

I guess I was expecting a little more.

I'm not much of a tennis player.

She was alone on Valentine's Day.

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Albert's fussy, isn't he?

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Cory drinks beer every day.

All the children laughed at Nikolai.

Excuse me sir, could you spare some change?


My friend remembered which way to go.

We arrived three days ago.

The war diminished the wealth of the country.

They have less rain in Egypt than in Japan.

"How do you pronounce the sign @ in this language?" "at"

I pretended to work.

Jinchao, I'm serious.

Stewart might know something.

Granville sacrificed her own life in order to save Vic.

Roberto poured Ernst a glass of water.

He hates Halloween.


Why didn't you just say that to Steen?

I didn't recognize that guy.

We ate a whole load of apples.


Sergio has a bobblehead on his dashboard.

During the war, America tried to stop trading with England.

He is subject to fits of anger.

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The problem has to be taken care of.

Do you know him well?

He adapted the story for children.

Morgan stubbed his toe when he got up in the night to go to the toilet.

I cannot fix this machine. It's very difficult.

Stuart doesn't want anything to do with me.

If I could draw well, I would paint pictures in "Where is Waldo?"-style, but leave out Waldo.


It was a miserable day for a walk.


I don't want to be intrusive, but is everything all right?

It is dangerous for children to play in the street.

To her great disappointment, it rained on the day of the picnic.


Who could blame her?

Children sometimes lack patience.

Take an axe, and cut off the head of the calf with one blow. With a second, split its head in two, and in its brain you will see a bright red ball. Bring that to me.

Doesn't he sound like a doctor?

Please wake me up at 6 tomorrow morning.

Don't let Claude distract you.

You've done a wonderful job on the interior decoration.

Don't blame this mistake on Romain.

You said we were friends.


Miriamne was a fussy baby.

I loved it in Boston.

He shot an arrow at the deer.

A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.

Come on, Gene, tell me what you did.

He is married with two children.

I don't know where he is now.

Raising a child costs a fortune.

You've got to get Anne talking.

Do you believe her?

I need to change my tires.

We're not guilty.

I find it fascinating to compare Faroese and Norwegian.

You look worse than Jamie.

He was convicted of murder.


They are happy with the result.

Varda relies on me.

Kyle looks really hurt.

Science, my lad, is made out of errors, but of good ones, for they bring step by step closer to the truth.

By the way, have you ever been to Europe?

Butler is the only one who ever really understood me.

I can give you a lift if you like.

How many of you agree with me?

I'm sure Van will wish he hadn't done that.

Well you can imitate everyone you know.

Everybody arrived dressed in their smartest clothes.

I'm a total loser.

He took no notice of my advice.


We'll know soon.

I want to talk to her first.

Dan invited Linda to have a coffee with him.

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The government has made efforts to make our country clean and green.

Have you ever given a speech in French?

What kind of food does Tracey like?

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What is the meaning of life?


Whichever way you go, you can get to the station.

I am in no small degree indebted to him.

Flies have a keen sense of smell for decaying matter.


Can we do this another time?

He never fails to call his mother on her birthday.

What's the name of the film which you like the most?

I'll ask them to join you.

We study French at school.

Does anyone here speak Japanese?

You didn't mention that on the phone.


I can't believe this kind of thing still happens.

There is no act which Christianity forbids, that the law will not reach: if it were otherwise, Christianity would not be, as it has always been held to be, part of the law of England.

He is as tall as she.

Bobbie ordered another round of drinks.

I'm practically an adult.

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Cyrus never said no.


It is a marvel that he should say so.

Tell Jitendra about your trip.

What ever do you want with me?

Brenda wanted to see his children.

Snow is falling thick and fast.

The sun is yellow.

Is this how you repay me?

I take an umbrella with me when I go out.

We expect to win.

Can you get this out of here?

We told the dog to stay.

I could barely hold back my tears when I received the news of Jos's death.

Mark is taking care of it for us.

He woke Brooke.

He got well acquainted with the history of Japan.

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Complaining about something doesn't change anything.

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I want you to tell Del to go home.


I'm not decisive enough.


The angry mob overturned cars and smashed storefront windows.

How did you come up with all this?

He has given us not a little trouble.

Lynnette cried all night.

Let's give them a little time.


They were alone in the library.

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The streets were decorated with flags.

Stay with me, dad! I'm afraid of the dark.

Kennedy was a Navy hero in World War Two.


I seldom hear your tune.

I felt a bit tired from swimming all morning.

We found a glitch in the program that will have to be dealt with before we move on.


You're spending too much time watching TV.

He's supporting you voluntarily.

Do not rely on the room clock for the accurate time of day.


It's now ready to use.

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Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

You believe what I'm telling you, don't you?

He is my great grandfather.

Portugal is a country of emigration.

Do you see that house? That's my house.

The doctor sent the live patient to the morgue.

She claims to have seen kobolds.

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I have been reading this for a few hours.

Jitendra will meet with all of you at 2:30.

Damon has received several prizes for her poetry.

I don't know whether you can help, but I had to at least ask.

How could I have been such a jerk?

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Hon graduated at the top of his class.

I'll check on them.

Does there need to be a goal?

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Can you make it back to Boston on your own?

I used to have a MiniDisc player.

You do get around, don't you?

We have to be at work by nine.

Thomas lived in Australia for quite a few years.


Go straight along this street.

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How much did you lose this time?

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I have a friend whose father is a famous novelist.

He showed his real intentions.

Pratapwant is in his office.

Can we get started?

I hate being alone on Valentine's Day.