The Constitution is an employment contract

between we the Masters (free sovereign people)
of these United States and our Public Servants
who are employed to perform specific and limited duties.

In no case are servants employed to govern their masters.
For example our servants are to maintain a justice system
where juries may conduct court. The jurors are to be selected
from amoung we the people, not from amoung our servants.

Within the nation states which make up the United States,
all governments are staffed by public servants
who promise to serve and defend the Constitution.

To clarify this relationship; substitute the words "our public servants"
for the word "government" where ever it occurs.
And the words "we the free and soverign masters" for the phrase "we the people".

We have been provided with both freedom and responsibility. Freedom is not free.
It has a cost and the cost of freedom is vigilance.