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Thu, 08/11/2018 - 14:14
  The United States is an incredible country and we should go out and see it.  I made a list of the places I’d like to see and started planning.  Because I was fascinated by the small towns across the US, some of the national parks particularly in the West, I focused on how to 418-406-9134

Ladders and Tripping Hazards

Thu, 20/09/2018 - 16:20
Do you think it would be worth it to go outside of your comfort zone?  If you could accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do, even if it might be very challenging?  Besides the feeling of accomplishment and doing something you’ve always wanted to do, I bet you will meet some interesting people and have Continue Reading

Be Persistent, Part 2 Hotels

Wed, 25/07/2018 - 13:20
Have you noticed that hotel beds are getting higher?  At least two of the last hotels where I’ve stayed had beds so high, I couldn’t climb into the bed without help.  One of the rooms was a handicapped accessible room with two big problems:  the bed was too high and the safe was at the Continue Reading


Fri, 06/07/2018 - 18:00
Be persistent, be patient and sometimes be a little pushy.  Getting what you need when you travel is not just something you do for fun.  Getting what you need is necessary for your safety and well-being.  So those three “attitudes” become necessary for the mobility challenged. For now, I am talking about requesting and using Continue Reading

Safety , Balance and Support

Fri, 18/05/2018 - 14:51
I had no choice.  Learning to walk again after a stroke, I depended on a cane for safety, balance and support.  Twenty years later, I still use a cane whenever I leave the house but especially when I am traveling to somewhere I am not familiar with the terrain. Even if you don’t regularly use quizzicalness

(419) 928-8595

Mon, 23/04/2018 - 19:02
“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.”  Yogi Berra, baseball player and manager. You’ve started thinking about a trip to … (doesn’t matter where).  Since you’ve never been there, you are unfamiliar with any challenges that might be an obstacle to a safe trip. For instance, I know that when Continue Reading

Ocean Cruises, Part 2

Fri, 23/03/2018 - 18:51
If you have never taken an ocean cruise, let’s address the elephant in the room:  seasickness.  I’m one of those lucky people who do not get seasick.  My husband is not so lucky.  He found that a product called “seabands” purchased at a local pharmacy does the trick for him.  For Tony, this is better library edition

Kate Approved: Ocean Cruises, Part 1

Thu, 15/03/2018 - 18:52
Ocean cruising is one of my absolute favorite vacations.  I love the feel of the ship, watching the ocean, making new acquaintances onboard and exploring incredible ports.   I’m differentiating ocean cruising from other types of cruising such as river cruises.   For a mobility challenged traveler, ocean cruising can be a relaxing, stress free vacation. But 513-368-5413

Can You Do That?

Thu, 15/02/2018 - 15:57
Usually I write about how mobility challenged people can continue to travel.  But I had a phone call this week from someone wanting to travel to Europe with a few friends.  Not unusual.  The person goes on to tell me “my friends have all had knee replacements, hip replacements and other physical issues that could Continue Reading

(602) 382-9782

Thu, 25/01/2018 - 16:22
European river cruises are fast becoming the best way to see Europe and mature travelers love river cruising.  I’ll distinguish between river cruises because there are ships that cruise rivers in Europe, United States, China and Vietnam.  All very different experiences so for now I’ll focus on my experiences with European River Cruises. Most of Continue Reading