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Look for ways to increase your heart rate during your daily routine. Walk or cycle instead of taking the car or bus, or you can choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. Small changes daily will jumpstart or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read more »

Employers can expect annual savings of up to $3,700 per employee who successfully quits tobacco. There are over 98,000 smokers in Escambia and Santa Rosa County. Read more »

Health management helps
to ensure patients receive
the right care, at the
right place, at the
right time. Read more »

Join community leaders, physicians & educators in being a part of the solution to improve the health and economy of Escambia & Santa Rosa County. Read more »

Digitally Distracted Walking Causes Injuries, Accidents


You’ve seen the commercials for texting and driving and we know the dangers of being distracted by our phones when we are in the car. And now, the warnings about distracted driving have spilled over to outside of the car.

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Obesity is Everyone's Business


In the workplace,we often think that our employers don't have the ability to help us with our weight or have the concern. This article from was written to help correct that myth and a number of other myths around workplace wellness, weight, and the role of employers.



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