Uber Referral Code

Many of us have thought of starting to drive for Uber, or Lyft, or maybe another service. Maybe you’ve seen one of the many ads these services put out to attract new drivers and riders. Some are offering massive incentives like $500 start-up cash, or weekly or hourly guarantees to the tune of $25/hr or $1,400/wk. These are just a couple examples of promotions I’ve seen being run across the US and most every offer will range from service to service and city to city. Be sure to lookup the exact promotions available to you in your area.

Below is my personal promotion code and a link to the Uber sign-up page you can use to get started with some extra cash after completing a number of rides (between 50-100). All income used to support this blog is generated from this invite code. So as a way to help support me and this blog, this invite code is an excellent way to do so.

Invite code:

Uber Sign-up Page



This is a personal invite code and should get you some start-up money after completing a number of rides. The amount of money offered and the number of rides required to get the promotion varies from city to city. This code however should get you anywhere from up to $500 to $100. Those markets that are offering the most money are typically those in which Uber has just started up.

How to use the code

Uber Sign-up Page

Just click the link above and start filling out your information. This is my personal invite code through Uber’s servers. So when you sign-up through this link, the process is automatically started. You can also apply through any other official Uber site sign-up page, just remember to manually enter in the invite code in order to receive the start-up money.

Already signed up?

That’s okay, there’s a way to retroactively apply an invite code within the first 15 days and or before you’ve done your first ride. The following link offers a short description of how to do so. (423) 642-9565. This does mean that you will have to contact me through the blog.

Otherwise, if you would like to apply an invite code and get your start up money, you will need to apply the code at sign-up or before you start driving for the service yourself.