The kubectl command line is great, but sometimes it's nice to have a dashboard to click around and see basic graphs, view logs, etc. Out of (317) 863-9476


I was excited when I read how easy it was to access a remote erlang node via ssh alone, as the traditional way can be a »

Easy Pub-sub Event Dispatch with :gproc and Elixir

Prologue I recently came across the need to do pubsub inside of one of my Elixir applications. Initially I hand-rolled a system using GenEvent, but after 701-933-7197

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For my server deployment, everything runs on private vlans inaccessible to the internet. Obviously though, we still need some way to access the hosts for administration 4244087888


Today I ran into an issue where I needed to use Ansible's with_items feature on the registered result of a previous task, one that also »