Who, that has common sense, would do such a thing?


I'm having a rough week.


You may go home if you want to.

Wayne is still shaking.

Don't rely too much on others.


The company has three hospitals of its own.

Would you please tell me how to do that?

I can't afford to take chances.

This was happening every spring.

He is a man of many talents.

It's frightening.

The energy of his lines and the rawness of his strokes place him firmly in the modern art canon.

She was beside herself with anger after the argument.

Olson said he can handle it.


Have a seat.

My camera is much better than his.

No one's shooting at us now.


Barry claims he was drunk at the time.

The successful candidates were beside themselves with joy.

Tell Tobias he can't go to Holly's party.

Brenda peeled the apple.

Stagger was sitting between his parents.

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Takeuchi was sitting three tables away from us.

Living nativity scenes are popular in Southern Italy.

You should always keep a broad perspective on the work you do.

She didn't feel comfortable with my friend.

What do the initials NTT stand for?

Why do you need a screwdriver?

I wish I had thought of this before.

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I think you're probably wrong about that.

Why did you pick her?

Earle never wanted to give up, but he had no choice.

Did you plan that with her?

He zones out in front of the TV for hours on end.

Do you guys remember Spencer?

The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.

Ami is short.

Several of them are opposed to the bill.


I have been here for about three weeks.


He doesn't know how to play the piano.

No matter what he says, don't trust him.

Jon told Eliot to be quiet.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Augustine's thought had an influence not only on Christianity but on the whole of Western thought.

Historians are not sure who his father was.

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I'll talk to Leo tomorrow.

I won't betray your trust.

The baby can't walk, much less run.


Jesus forgot to send Pilar a Christmas card.

I would have gone to where I should have gone, had I had the time, but I couldn't have had the time, so I didn't go.

Did you hear about Anton and Raj splitting up?


She addressed herself to the chairperson.

It is not necessary to make a decision now about the place for meeting.

I had to be self-sufficient.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

I want to become smarter.

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Stuart came up to me when she saw me.

She is engaged in social work.

It's already 11:30. We should turn in.

Does Raul go to the same school as you?

Does anyone want to do anything?


Thousands of people died in Japan.

The moon rose above the clouds.

Markus is going to love living in Boston.

I couldn't wait to talk to Knute.

It happened over a year ago.

There was complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.

We'd better wake her up.


The university decided to do away with this kind of examination.


I told myself that was a good idea.

It'll be hard to convince him.

"I don't know why people think Twitter is so interesting" "Me too."


Who is supposed to do this job?

You were manipulating him.

I'm happy here.


I don't trust the tailor.


Those in attendance numbered in the dozens.

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Why shouldn't I do that?

They live on potatoes around here.

We're thoroughly prepared for the millennium bug.

We shall all miss you when you go away.

I enjoy his company.

Yvonne gave birth to a boy she named Ritalynne.

It's the result of a bunch of arbitrary designs decisions made by one guy.

It just goes to show that you only know who your true friends are when you're dying on a hospital table having your extremities snapped this way and that.

It feels like I've known you forever.


Early education for children usually begins at home.

Is this a picture of your own painting?

Nadeem had a happy childhood.

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With a good book in your hands you need never feel lonely.


He slipped me a note.


An orator is made, but a poet is born.

Will he fail the examination?

When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will find a wonderful thing.

I'm much obliged to for your kindness.

I'm serious this time.


We might as well check it out.

Don't even talk to him.

I'd love to be able to find more time that I could spend relaxing.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

We played soccer yesterday.

They said they would employ me at the office.

We never actually met.


She is weaving a carpet.

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Willie makes his own clothes.

Each player did his best.

Fold the paper in four.


I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Nobody understands you.

I'm going to get you a ticket, too.

I regard him as the best person for the job.

We have a dog.


If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he's given it to.

I was born in San Francisco.

Kaiser was born in Germany.


Children need love, especially when they don't deserve it.

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Come here, and you can see the sea.

Masanao is always daydreaming.

Leora rubbed his face.

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Life without love has no meaning at all.

The earth travels in an orbit around the sun.

Josh is really proud of James.

Here's the key.

They are my old friends.

He went back home.

He walked slowly so the child could follow.

Sidney wanted us to investigate the murder of his wife.

The house fell down in an earthquake.

I'd like to find out my bank balance.

Ravindran just doesn't understand.


Suyog walked off with Justin's umbrella.


I'd like to be left alone for a while, if you don't mind.


Just give it a chance.


May I speak with you a moment?


I think you're gorgeous.


She will be here before long.

Where can I speak with you?

There is no connection.

He's no more qualified than her for the job.

The lovely maiden with azure hair was none other than a very kind fairy who had lived, for more than a thousand years, in the vicinity of the forest.

I like being a little star, being a big star is too much pressure and I don't like pressure at all.

We haven't done enough.


Eli kept eating.

He stopped smoking last year.

You swim a lot better than I do.

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We need to fight against women's oppression.

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I like to ask questions to doctors.

I'd be delighted.

Material wealth often goes hand in hand with social deprivation.


I don't believe that you can speak Hebrew.

This place depresses me.

He's a stand-up guy.

You are carried along with the slide.

We're not children, so don't treat us like children.


I talked it over with Manavendra, and we've decided to go, too.

I heard Rafael singing in the shower.

I'm not going to make it.