Be natural.

Can you show me where the bathroom is?

Dan didn't fulfill his duty.

I went to school on foot in those days.

Sing a song in your language, please!


Put yourself into a status that allows you not only to act, but also to think.

Shut the door!

I really don't want to clean my room.

Thank you for being concerned about my mental health.

It's an awfully big responsibility.

It's supposed to rain tonight.

Jogging with you is a lot of fun.

It is said that she is the best tennis player in France.

She hung up without saying good-bye.

Which group do you want to join?

Language is an important matter, so don't leave it to the linguists.

A penny for your thoughts!

My friend is gay and he thinks that cunnilingus is disgusting.

Please, do not get excited.

Is there someplace else you could stay?

I didn't expect you back so soon.

Morgan wished Raul had told him that she wasn't going to the party.

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If you can see your breath when you exhale, you know it's cold.

Aren't you worried it might be a trap?

Do you like doing this?

This place looks just the same as it used to.

She believes whatever he says.


My power went out several times today.

How often do you check your email?

I was born in Boston.

When was the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror?

Let me cook!


Can I see you in my office?

We don't want you to hurt yourself.

We both stand to benefit from this arrangement.

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I have to go to the bank now.

Write your name in capital letters.

Oliver collected rain water spilling over the side of his blocked gutters, for use later on his vegetable garden.

He and his mother went shopping.

When did it end?


It's time for school.

I'd like to rent a regular car.

I no longer live here.

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I didn't find any jokes in this book.


Japanese houses are built of wood and they catch fire easily.

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This room doesn't get a lot of sun.

Three years sounds like a long time.

Put the book back on the shelf.


Alex saved every letter that Norman sent him.

It's not my choice.

I'm looking for someone to mind my son on Saturday.

What's that sound?

The old woman is a doctor.

Ahmed earned it.

He wants to become a citizen.

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Things are more like they are now than they ever were before.

We're going to go with your plan.

Can you come here for a minute?

Tell him to get ready.

I don't intend to do so.

Thomas wasn't like that.

I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

He scolded her for having left the door open.

The door creaked open.

Don't put much confidence in him.

We have something for them.

I don't like those who say so.

Every boss has his or her favorite employee.

Their marriage ceremony was performed according to the custom of the district.

If he had carried the map with him, he wouldn't have got lost.

Editors often go to extremes in providing their readers with unimportant facts.

He did a lot for his people, but he could have done much more.


I don't really have any plans.

Don't worry. I'm not going to tell the police.

I thought you were crazy about Christian.

What did you do to Cristina?

We visited Nikko the next day.

You can't reason with Denis.

I don't think Randal will ever forget this.


One wonders why.


We need to be quick.

He immediately admitted that he was involved.

Think took off his clothes and got into the bathtub.

I've got to see a dentist.

I thought we already did that.

Can I write with this pen?

Why can't we be privy to that information?


I'd like to visit your country someday.

she does not speak with him

I just hope it's not true.


What is needed is more time.

Belief in God is not inherently evil.

Your English has really improved.


I can do this alone.

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He dedicated his life to fighting corruption.

He does not listen.

Do you grow your own potatoes? You are an incredible guy! Bernie Sanders would be proud of you.

He gave me whatever help I needed.

Has this ever happened to you before?

She traveled around Japan.

I guess you don't need my help anymore.

I was expected here before ten.

I've learned a lot.

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I'll meet Jerrie at the usual place.

Russell has already achieved many of his goals.

A cheap coat makes a cheap man.

The apple tree has a beautiful blossom.

He was so angry he couldn't speak.


Now is really not a good time.

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He wants to go.


The planets circle the Sun.

Tandy reads at least three books a month.

We just talked about stuff we did when we were kids.

Can I catch a taxi here?

It seems I was wrong about Mikael.

The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.

We haven't made a decision yet.


May I visit your office tomorrow morning?

Sandeep never wears red.

His proposal started a debate that lasted a year.

I would never have found as short an explanation.

Nothing holds more interest than the dialog between two silent lovers.

Real puts honey in his tea instead of sugar.

That's how I was raised.

We were shocked at the news.

Isn't that the way it is?

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What's the matter with you guys?

The small car boom is ending.

The line has been busy for 30 minutes now.

I don't feel fine. Where is the nearest medical center?

The children aren't capable of weighing complicated things.


That store had to reduce their prices.

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No, I'm still a bachelor.

She always speaks ill of others.

After she had passed her driving test, she bought a car.

I lost my insurance when I was laid off at the plant.

His life is despaired of.

You're losing it.

She sounded desperate.

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Jacques overheard their conversation.

She advised him not to smoke.

It's going to take more money than that.

I had to send Moe home.

When she awoke, the family was there.


Were you listening?

That was my first visit to Japan.

That's cheating.

Ramesh walked to the front of the room.

Ram left about thirty minutes ago.

I thought I could help Arthur.

I think it would be cute if Vadim and Morgan became a couple.

Leigh is now studying in the library.

What to do next is our question.

I had a lot to say in relation to that affair.

You think that the language that you want to learn will take over the whole world?

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When we deal with people, it would be wise to try to separate the sheep from the goats without letting them know it.

You need to be here by 2:30 tomorrow.

Raghu collected his things and left the room.

It can not be done by some one.

He stuck the broken pieces together.


He can't distinguish vice from virtue.


Let's take a rest for a while.

He who does not see anything strange has never looked a lobster in the eyes.

I study at the University of Hyogo.

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I don't know if this is true.

My father is a bank clerk.

I'm trying to leave a little space for dessert.