I know this is my own fault.

This expedition will be expensive.

Luck smiled on us then.

By September I will have known her for a whole year.

You can change it if you like.

This melody is very pleasing to my ears. Please continue.

Good job, Captain Obvious.

He's innocent.


It's not a good idea to ask a woman how old she is.

This is the first time I've ever walked with a stick.

The worst thing imaginable just happened.


Let's head out.

I love your sweater.

Mat is housesitting.

Learning English isn't difficult.

We really like Pam.

We are all as safe as we want to be.

He who doesn't accept advice doesn't deserve to be helped.

I've been tempted myself to check them out.

The car broke down after half an hour's driving.

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This animal is very clever.

The United States's economy is the largest in the world.

Stop being so suspicious.

I tried to get her to stop.

This is longer than any other bridge in the world.


The basic meaning of it remains the same.

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Without me, you won't be able to do it.

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I'm making lasagna.

She throws a ball better than I.

Did anybody follow you?


You left the iron on.

I work as a salesman.

Chet became depressed after Pratap left him.

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Is that real?

Krzysztof will have no choice but to agree.

Don't cross the street!


Rich teaches at Harvard.

If only he would marry me!

Are you related to Daniel?

Something has gone wrong.

All he said was true.


Piete didn't know why that happened.

I didn't play very well today.

Grant refused to give them a firm promise.

Call it what you want.

They gained a victory.


I remember what it was.

He's two years older than me.

Walt is an ex-soldier.


You sound a lot like Elsa.

I live in Qatar.

She gave a lift to a co-worker.


Knowledge is scarce; wisdom is scarcer.


He jumps far away from me.

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She has buried her only son.

I sincerely, truly believe that.

Could you tell me why you weren't here yesterday?

The Christian mythologists tell us that Christ died for the sins of the world, and that he came on Purpose to die.

We live in an apartment.

We named him Thomas after his grandfather.

That girl at the bar gave you a fake phone number, didn't she?

Phillip cried as he read Ernest's letter.

Jaime likes decorating cakes.

Timothy was nicknamed Timmy.

The world chased me, but never caught.

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I'm so-so.

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Blaine is a student, isn't he?


I received your message.

My mother went shopping, didn't she?

Most people expected John Adams to win.


I'm always proud of my family.

I haven't put new strings on my guitar in a long time.

Don't walk on my lawn!


"Can I see your ticket?" "Yes. Here it is."


Reinhard has a lot of responsibilities.

We might as well eat dog food as eat such a dish.

Sugih ought to stay here.

Clyde tried to break down the door.

They found a mysterious city in ruins in the desert.


It's normal for friends not to get along sometimes.

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My parents had me go there.


This bus is going in a different direction.


I'll be happy to sip some of the champagne.

I really must have my watch repaired.

Did you just do what I think you just did?


He is a ruffian.

You will have little trouble.

Be careful not to hurt yourself.

But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.

The city lies east of London.

You should know better than to ask a lady her age.

It is the secret for improving one self.

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We have three adopted children and two biological children.


There were coffee grounds left in my cup.

It's OK, Dan. Just go home.

I'll tell you when to stop.

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She does not want to go to bed.

Spread the rug out and let me look at it.

I'm trying to stop myself but I'm not successful.

These are graded on a hundred-point scale.

Some got pretty scratched up, but nobody was severely injured.


Anthony is a big baby.


I'd like a large portion please.

I have not had a chance to see that movie.

Theo's little brother has always looked up to him.

It was a standoff.

A top-class shearer can shear up to 150 sheep in one day.


He is a great statesman, and what is more a great scholar.

Patricio is nervous and scared.

They're moving fast.

Who are you to tell me what I need?

I'll deal with Julianto in my own way.

Tait plays poker with his friends every Friday night.

I have an attraction for older, chubby women.

I have never seen any reason to be frightened of the dark.

I'm sure that they will get angry.

At the end of every day, his back was tired and his legs hurt.

It's the first step that counts.

She abhored violence.

I should like to see the room.

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These exercises will develop the strength of your fingers.


Vladislav fainted.

I appreciate what Juan did for me.

I knew you knew the answer.

My life hasn't been the same since I met her.

I'm trying to take it easy.


You shouldn't lie to us.


The manager reprimanded the man by pounding on the table.


To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison.

That should solve the problem.

I have to admit I'm interested.

Everyone gossips.

Science begins when you ask why and how.

I saw Dawn holding your hand.

Hank flipped over the card and saw that it was the ace of spades.

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I might be gone for a while.

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I just want to apologize for last night.

No, thank you. I am just looking.

Our advice is that the company invest in new equipment.

What's your home number?

What do Peter's parents do?

I bought a hat at the store.

The hostages reunited with their families.

The girls were asleep.

I ate something earlier this evening that didn't agree with me.

Judge asked me who had painted the picture that was hanging on my wall.

I don't know where your painting is.


Did you go to Rome during your travels?

The roses in my garden are beautiful.

Earnie works full time.

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To one of the head psychologists, the depression criteria didn't quite characterize this group of girls.


I don't remember the combination.

Po wants a new coat.

Fresh Reader, three times more interesting than Twitter (IMO)

Brandy is interested by many things.

Are you still looking for her?

It is most important to chew your food, whether vegetable or meat, before you swallow it.

Maybe you didn't hear me.