When he came, I was doing my homework.

I'm the one who saved Kevin.


I want to know more about your school life.

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Sorrel bent down.

Aren't we supposed to be helping Leonard right now?

Is it true that Evan and Lukas are dating?

I want to speak to my lawyer.

Ricardo and List are no longer together.

This lack of responsibility is driving me crazy.

My left foot is asleep.

I'm at the prison.

Leo loved Omar.

I want to eat curry rice for supper tonight.

I don't even know what that is.


We don't have enough information yet to make a decision.

She let a student leave.

Kathy kept his gun pointed at Indra and told her not to move.

I know it's unrealistic to expect Kelvin to ever fall in love with someone like me.

He was tired from reading.

I have just washed all the dishes.

Lloyd doesn't really want to talk about this, but he has no choice.

If you're not a loser by nature, then people won't trust you.

This restaurant provides good meals.

It was a mistake to keep that matter secret.

I already forgot what happened.


The Time Traveller devoted his attention to his dinner, and displayed the appetite of a tramp.


I can't concentrate while you're here.

I like long weekends.

He was dragged along by the current.

Should I go talk to Shuvra?

Don't make promises that you don't intend to keep.


Kathy set about brightening her coworkers' day with fresh muffins when her demoniac alter ago, High Priestess Lilith, convinced her to poison them.

"The Castle of Otranto" is the first gothic novel in English, and it set the standards of the whole genre.

We'll meet you at the gate.

He makes me feel special.

You should practice the violin every day.

False is the race of man.

There are a number of fishing boats tied up at the dock.

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I still don't understand.

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Indonesia is the largest country in South-East Asia.

I will give you the money.

Let us cook dinner together!

I explained one.

Drake earns his living by working for the lawyer.

Huashi isn't very good-looking.

Your story reminded me of my younger days.

It's an honor to make your acquaintance.

Did you think I wouldn't find you?


How did you hear the news?

They were about to leave when I arrived there.

Get word to Rebecca.

I'm afraid to go first, it's too dark.

We can't wait.

I think you know this young man.

If you change your mind, let us know.

Robin certainly wasn't fazed by what Les said.

Whenever she may come, I am ready to welcome her.

She is the most beautiful girl in our class.

Playing golf is great fun.

I'm here to see if there's anything I can do for you.

I didn't ask Hienz to dance. He asked me.

Genocide is a crime against humanity.

With the help of a reference grammar of the Georgian language, Shari was eventually able to puzzle out even the few non-international traffic signs outside the two cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

Under supervision, he treats his clients better.

Tell Klaudia that I want to go, too.

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It sounds like you've tried everything.

He denied that he was the thief.

I have made up my mind to become a journalist.

I've got something I need to do.

Your speech was appropriate for the occasion.

Loren also studied law.

Mr Sato speaks English well.

Hui was somewhat cynical.

Shawn must've forgotten his key.


Toerless asked Saify to not quit her job.


You need bread, sausage, and cheese?

The rain makes me strange and introspective.

You don't need to worry.

I work not so much for money as for the work itself.

Mine owners refused to negotiate.

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I came back from my holiday today.


Now, when everything is gone, we still have the memory.


Eva started walking down the stairs.

I think about him every day.

Could I speak to you for a moment, please?

We had to walk home.

Josh never helps me out.


I honestly didn't know what to expect.

Earth's gravity isn't uniform.

Jean-Christophe goes to work by motorcycle.

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Where are they living now?

I don't drink beer anymore.

Several other workers were injured.

Let's discuss what we need to do.

I washed the dishes after supper.

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What's been bothering you?


This present was given to me by Ann.

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That was really something.

I have news! Melissa is pregnant.

Nou is a law student.

You've got to try harder.

I want you to consider this.


Why isn't there any food in my refrigerator?


They had had to use what money they had.


Where are the plants?

When did you get out of jail?

Close that drawer.

Jarmo played a Spanish folk tune on his English horn at a Chinese restaurant in France.

She's hard at it.

Can you briefly sum up what was said at the meeting?

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

I know you have a girlfriend.

We were flabbergasted.

She wants to hug him.

Nora is obsessed with animals, and especially squirrels.

My sister is a moron.

You don't seem to be happy with our decision.

A good coach trains this team.

Giovanni never told me why he was here.

I forget sad things when I fall asleep.

This is Russia!


You've been warned twice.


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Yesterday a truck hit this wall.

I'd like somewhere to write where I can have peace.


The young should respect the old.


If he had worked hard at that time, he would have succeeded.

Some people gain weight when they stop smoking.

Pradeep should do as Anderson suggests.

Dean pulled out a bag of candy from his pocket and offered some to Casper.

Nguyen put air in the tires.

Do you know who's in charge?

I will walk.

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No burrs allowed.

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He backed his car into the garage.


Piet was able to find Roberta a good job.

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I was upset.

The Romanians from Transylvania speak very slowly.

I've forgotten about her.


He gave the poor woman some bread and a five dollar bill besides.

I'm ambitious.

This is exactly the same camera that I have lost.


I don't think there is any need for you to explain.

You do your thing, I'll do mine.

We're making plans for the holidays.


Modern heroes are represented by rock stars.

Serve the fish on that platter.

You should be embarrassed.

Are things bad now?

Is it there?


My father never takes a long rest.


You're cranky.

I've never liked that girl.

This bus will take you to the village.

I'm sick of eating the same thing every day.

Put your suitcase over here.

Your meaning is beyond me.

Please don't do that anymore.

I guess this was inevitable.

We owe you a debt of gratitude.

Seventy-five percent of the world's tornadoes occur in the US.

I've never met Kevan, either.


Everyone left, except for us.