Simon told Miriam she couldn't quit on such short notice.

The elder passed away recently.

Did you leave the door open?

This is the man for whom I have been waiting.

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Sometimes the people you think don't want to talk to you are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.

The car you sold me is too big for us. Can I sell it back to you?

I've always wanted to see your house.


It confuses me how combs can become so tangled up in my hair.

She is out now, as is often the case with her.

Where is my comb?


She's a dancer.

A schedule is an identity card for time, but, if you don't have a schedule, the time isn't there.

What is out of the lips, is out of the citadel.


Brodie couldn't be saved.

I heard the news on the radio.

Those scientists are the cream of the crop.

I will go to Kumamoto to see Mr Aoi tomorrow.

Herve never told me where he was from.


Prakash left right away.


I had a very tight schedule last week, but this week I'm relatively free.


Keep your own counsel!


Shankar said he had something very important to say.

He is taller than his father.

The patient was lying in the bed with her eyes closed.


The baby started to cry.

Since I was sleepy, I went to sleep.

Dont' hit me, please!

They pulled out the nails.

They'll fail.

Helge has a date with Werner this afternoon.

He's the one who heads the marketing of the perfumes line.

Jimmy can get them.

Do you run every day?


Recently, the number of foreigners working or studying in Japan has increased.

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Skip likes brunettes.

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Kate is no less charming than her sister is.


"Nonlinear" does NOT mean "nonconvex".

Casey's not happy with that.

Will you give us a statement?

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You were never a good student.

He married an actress.

Sergiu was really shocked.

I love pets of all kinds.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Todd arrived a day sooner than we expected.

Don't smoke.

The less she knows, the better.

Russ said that he'd pay the bill.

I'm not going to ask again.

Usually I don't buy anything on the Internet.

Not to be taken lightly, local amusement parks. Couples, families, as far as can be seen people, people, people.

This morning Caroline said that his sister is still ill in bed.


The price of eggs is going up.

Claudia heard the scream.

Let me check your pulse.

Instead of cleaning the house today, I think I'll take a walk.

We won't surrender.


Where's my popcorn?

I guess I'll find out next week.

The boy got scolded.

I'd like to do shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York.

When I got home, I found I had lost my wallet.

Lanny laid his hands on Dean's shoulders.

On Tatoeba, there are more than 250,000 sentences in Spanish!

I had the letter written by him.

It's easier to stay awake until six in the morning than to wake up at that hour.

This is Cathy's photograph.

I'm sure I know more people here than you do.

I don't know how to force this lock.

Marcos is still in the classroom studying.

We must go back.

We've only been dating three weeks.

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I don't know if I can resist anymore.

Can I get travelers checks with this card?

The neighbor is walking her dog.

My legs feel wobbly.

My friends were so boozed up that I had to drive them home.

We have been studying English for three years.

He is very busy writing to his friends.

Don't they ever give up?


I hate Rahul's parents.

It's too late to re-negotiate terms.

I hope it goes OK.

My hobby is to listen to music.


I don't like the taste of alcohol.

I went camping last summer.

I needn't have hurried.

Can I have your number?

I do not suffer from megalomania. Great people never have it.

I would like to go to a business school.

Which one is Laurie's daughter?

Konrad weighed his options.

That's not so long.

Emily is my girlfriend.

The church sits on the outskirts of town.

I asked Oleg to come see me.

I should wake up Leads.

Actually she is a loose woman.

We must lose no time in escaping.

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I hardly knew him.


Nobody talks about you.

I must watch a documentary.

I sneaked up behind him.

I haven't played guitar in ages.

He comes home at five thirty.

Many early cars used a tiller instead of a steering wheel.

We hardly had enough cake for every boy.


I'm having a hard time understanding how this works.


It seems that the addition of cream and milk is not necessarily needed.

Each opportunity to hate the French and to let them know is good to seize. If additionally you can take one for a ride, it's even better!

That's from Florian, isn't it?


You're just jealous.

Her grief was too acute for tears.

I thought you were a better guitar player than that.

After examining the bear at leisure, I made a rush on him.

She began to cry.

You're taller than I thought you'd be.

You're going to need your umbrella.

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I don't have any friends to talk to.


I come here every day.

I don't know just what I'll do.

Your name was deleted from the list.

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It's a good thing you have your umbrella with you.

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I can't seize the meaning.

As well as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects are animals too.

I liked him all the better for his faults.

The verdict is in.

Do you have beer?


Leif leaned back in his chair and stared at Jun.

Sedovic stared blankly at the wall.

I squeezed his hand.

The court decreed that she should pay the fine.

Does Gill know any of this?

Chet said he had to share a hotel room with a stranger.

Honzo never listens to anyone.

When I heard that song, it reminded me of my childhood.

Tomorrow, the car needs to go to the garage for a big service. It'll probably set me back a couple of hundred euros.


Johan has wide shoulders and narrow hips.


Donal spoke up for Jacob.


They wanted to steal the car.

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Maybe I should've told them.

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I didn't know anybody there.

Does this make it easier for you?

That river seems shallow, doesn't it?

Who broke the vase?

Even though many women shave their legs, Kay doesn't.

I don't think I belong here.

This shouldn't be so hard.

My boss is suffering from a bad cold.

My brother bothers me!

His autobiography was released today and was sold out by noon.

She has a way of keeping old letters.

I got promoted.

There's a possibility that she'll succeed.


I wanted to have had everything my own way.

I'm sober.

I never dreamed that I would meet her there.

As soon as I saw him, I burst into laughter.

Bud usually shows up on time.

If you travel to the US, you'll learn spoken English.

People are a bit friendlier in Boston.

The letter got lost in the mail.

Sarah Bernhardt was a French stage actress.

I had no idea Kimmo was Knudsen's husband.

No woman had ever done this before.