Emily took a bite of my apple.


I know how we can make a lot of money.

Ramiro wants Travis to know that he loves her.

How much money did you make last year?


We're all praying for Tobias's recovery.

This is a golden opportunity we'd be stupid to pass up. Let's get to work and finish it all in one fell swoop.

I congratulated him on passing the entrance exam.


We were all rooting for them.

Between me and my consciousness is an abyss.

The rapid rotation of Uranus causes winds up to 600 kilometers per hour to blow in its atmosphere.

That day was a Sunday, so there was no school.

Your shirt is wrinkled.

I got out of the taxi.

They plan to evacuate all nonessential personnel from the embassy.

I must get my homework finished.

You won't even remember me a few years from now.

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Don't you wish you lived here?

He is stronger than me.

It's just basic common sense.

I didn't date her for her brains.

It's 8:30.

Have you ever hugged a stranger?

That man is notorious as a gambler.

A student from America lives near my house.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Mom is about to enter the bath.

I saw how Pratapwant did it.

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Be sure to fill out the registration form in person.

A ship is moored at the pier.

You guys stay here.

Cynthia slept in this morning.

It's good for business.

Stay off the grass.

Graeme and Narendra were friends in high school and started dating a few years after graduating.

Fluence is the time integral of flux.

Rogue knew it was wrong to do what he was doing.

Evelyn's parents were Canadian.

She acted like she didn't know me.

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It's all going to be OK.

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He prepared for his death.

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My figures don't seem to tally with yours.


I've got her on the line.

My business trip was canceled.

I don't suppose it's going to rain.

The lumberjack had a variety of axes for different jobs.

The teacher kicked me out of class.

Do you understand the concept?

You don't look pleased to see me.


I wish I had known what you were looking for.

But the benefits are significant at all ages.

The news of the prime minister's resignation took us by surprise.

Both of your daughters are very beautiful.

I will not ask- or else someone will respond.

Catch you later, Jay.

Bucky used to be beautiful.

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I had to cancel that order because we didn't have enough money to pay for it.

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Those are nice.

I'm really tired and want to go to bed early.

Listen to what I have to say.


Don't step on that, it's going to explode!

You'd be amazed how often Hohn doesn't do his homework.

We can move it by ourselves.

He is going like the devil.

I'm tired of studying. Let's go out for a drink.

I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're talking.

Don't rip me off!

You gave me a real surprise when you showed up there.

The reason for unemployment must be sought elsewhere.


I didn't know you were unhappy here.


The tub ran over while she was on the phone.

When the farmer drops dead off the tractor, then at the edge of the forest, there must be a reactor.

Nobody loves war.

You have to respect your elders.

Are you surprised?


My first impression was that he was a tactful politician.

Do wishes come true?

It is time to take effective action to ward off disaster.

Your left eye is congested.

There were no appliances back then.

Heidi isn't really a doctor, you know.

Why will I not write in Chinese?

The little girl made a polite bow to me.

Timo is devastated.

That will be better for you.

Don't let the thief run away!

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We want to know the facts.

The maid didn't see anything.

Chicken, please.

So now it's my turn.

He leaves for Tokyo at ten.


Can you take a look in your bag? I put my mobile phone in it.

That novel isn't for children.

Theo got caught.

Glynn acted as if he didn't know Knapper.

He's learning to swim.


Lenin was sent into Russia by the Germans in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy.


We ought to buy some new office equipment: the stuff we've got is out of date.

This detergent works like magic.

Could you help us find a solution to the problem?


Beckie has been gone at least an hour.

The enemy blew up the bridge.

Stop questioning me.

This hole was formed by a falling of a meteorite.

The boys rushed for the door at the same time.


Rees invited Jean-Christophe over for dinner and Colin brought a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of red wine.

You made up your mind to go to law school, didn't you?

That'd be fun.

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We worried a lot about you.

I was very disappointed.

All the players did their best.

We didn't find anything unusual.

Age before beauty!


These glasses are cool.

I promised I wasn't going to do this.

He deplored the fact that Silesia was no longer Prussian.


I assume you'll want to stay here with us.

Philippe was here a few weeks ago.

Ginny is financially independent.

I feel honored to have known you.

You can stay here as long as you like.


Please try to stay calm.

What would you do in his position?

I don't want that much milk.


That sure worked out well.


I think it's time for me to stop allowing her to always have her own way.


I live a privileged life.

Don't trust that realtor. He's evil.

Boyd doesn't have any credit cards.


Randy knows who I am.

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He's not a bad guy.

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"Meow," said the cat and it looked at me.

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This is a rather fatty cut of meat.

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Who else is going with us?

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His shoes are wearing thin.

I am 20 years old.

The basic question is, what vision do you aspire to?

It's so bad, it's funny.

We had a couple glasses of wine.

What time should I leave the hotel?

I forgave the boy for stealing the money from the safe.

I heard the children singing together.

Just tell me what I need to do.

Aaron is doing an excellent job.

It sounds simple.


Burn the body.

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I'm going to go with her.

Stop beating around the bush and tell me directly why you're so angry.

The policeman was on his usual nightly round.

If I had the money, I would immediately purchase this computer.

Get on with your duties.

I stole this from her.

He told his son an interesting story.


I'm more than willing to help you.

We partied together.

I can tell when someone is lying.

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I won't bite.

It's so dark.

I can take care of them.

It gets worse.

I'll ask Manavendra what he thinks.