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Make lost and found easier!

It's time to make lost and found enjoyable. We remove all the painful, time consuming processes.
It's now fun to say..."Yes we have your item" knowing the guest will share in the responsibility and work.

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Automate the process

Ileftmystuff.com eliminates many of the steps you go through to return an item. The guest actually enters their own address information, pays for the return and a label pops up in your system at your hotel. It even provides your guest with automatic delivery updates.

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PCI — Secure payment solution!

We are all trying to eliminate the risks associated with taking credit cards over the phone. With ileftmystuff.com your prayers are answered! No one at your company will have to take a payment of any kind again for lost and found. Your guests will love this solution!

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An easier way to receive inquiries!

No more overflowing lost and found voicemail box. Your guests can now submit their lost item inquiry directly from your hotel's website! It delivers automatic updates throughout the process which could eliminate as much as 75% or more of the time you spend on the phone.

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With over 195,000 returned items!
Here are a few comments from valued hotels and their satisfied guests
"What an amazing service!! I have left stuff in hotels many times and have never received one item back, NEVER!! The Hyatt was outstanding at customer service, this experience took it to a whole new level. Thank you so much!"

"I love how it makes everything so convenient"

-- Hyatt, CA

"It was quick, easy and fast. I liked that I was sent emails every time the item arrived at a different location so I knew it was in the process of coming to me."

"No more processing credit cards, creating shipping labels or calling guests"

-- Wyndham, HI

"I liked the increased security to the guests credit card information"

-- Hilton, FL

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