Do I need to change my diet?

The best hairdressers are gay.


I'm asking you to do me a favor.


I don't remember anything else at this time.

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We'll try to be more careful the next time.

Dan wants Linda back.

I bought two loaves of bread.

They will demolish the building and replace it with a park.

I can't count the stars in the sky.

You've got to be intrepid!

I hate lawyers.

He is good at golf.

Do you want me to say something?

I address people politely.

I cannot understand anything he said.

You'll be dead someday.

Are you from the future?

We're both writers.

Kamiya put the apple pie and the pot of coffee on the table.

We don't have room in our car for anyone else.

They don't want him there.


Things could be worse.


I know you were close to him.

Mara says he'll go to Boston soon.

It doesn't really matter.

You're not ready to go yet, are you?

Give peace a chance!

Many relatives came to the confirmation.

She didn't send me a single letter.

Our work began to flourish.

Suzan is Julian's next-door neighbor.

We should pay more attention to environmental problems.

Mrs. Bush is our English teacher.

There was an old clunker parked just behind my new sports car.

Malaclypse has not arrived yet.


Guys are obsessed with blowjobs.

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Something was going on.


It was impressive.

Don't kick the dog!

Brazil is very rich; its richness is immense; coffee is one of its greatest riches.

Adam was absent-minded.

His running away from home is due to his father's severity.

I can not but admit the truth of your remarks.

Annard hired an attorney.

I can't find the hand net.

Love is merely a lyrical way of referring to lust.

We've never talked about it.

The children were insistent about our taking them to the movies.


You're blocking my view.

I like your pair of eyeglasses.

You're a funny gal.

Eat it.

I assure you this is about much more than money.


Clare told me he would be here about 2:30.

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I like Sachiko better.


Can I see you tonight?

To tell the truth, we learned that her new husband was a terrible guy.

You ask me how deep my love is for you? The moon represents my heart.

What was the first word you learned in French?

He doesn't have to go to school today.

It's important that you look at these documents carefully.

Douglas had the nerve to yell at the judge.

You're really looking much better.

That was when I started going to the pool for exercise.


She can't control her children.

Herb is John's younger brother.

I'm not sure why you're telling me all this.

You wanted an economy car, didn't you?

I need to get them out of here.

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The older he got, the more famous he became.


We stayed there for three months.

Her dream was to be able to speak French fluently.

Don't go away.

The is in the other room.

Rich ditched the murder weapon.

Germans have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity.

For example, vervet monkeys learn to use a certain call in the presence of circling eagles, who prey on the monkeys.

Early rising is with him a matter of course.

I was deeply moved after I saw the movie.

You're a better shot than me.

"Let us begin today's lesson by opening our books to page 156," said the teacher.

He was sent into combat.

Loyd's hard work has paid off.


Where do you live if you have no home?

Peter knew who Hein was planning to marry.

Sri is unhappy, isn't he?

Is this where your mother works?

Did you just hear what you said?

The old man envies the youth.

Skeeter found him charming.

The spy was very furtive as he stole the keys from the guard.

Shamim can go first.

Our train was delayed on account of the heavy snow.

I look up to him in many ways.

They are all very hungry.

It's been three years since I was in Boston.

I can't imagine myself ever being in the mood for that kind of thing.

I often remember my happy childhood.


Hi! Just checking to see if you are free tonight.

I sat next to Part.

That is the girl who waited on me in the shop yesterday.

You're making a fool of yourself.

Audrey stared at the picture Granville was holding.

Only Pilar and Joanne were at home.

I wish the fedora would come back in style.


I want to see her again.


I'm glad we found you.


Toby is a preacher.


At least we should try.

He's a job creator.

What do you want to do in Germany?

Urs wasn't the one who started the fight.

Floyd is supposed to meet Toby at 2:30.


I think she's lying.


We love you all.


You should not worry so much because of the things that happened long ago and not with us.

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I'm not opening the door for Mwa.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

He started to get hungry, so he threw a small stone in the river to kill a fish.

I'm extremely happy.

I've been so busy.

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You are sitting between Meg and me.

Sheffield Wednesday is playing their usual long-ball game.

I do not want anybody else.

We didn't know how to do it, so we asked for help.

How are rights and duties correlative?

Get to work. These sandbags won't fill themselves.

I'm not coming home.

Maybe List was walking in his sleep.

Will we be in time for the plane if we leave now?


They accused the teacher of being too strict with the children.

How was I, one who wasn't there, to do you any harm?

Don't lose your cool.


They don't have a chance.

Shel said he saw nothing.

Saumya wept in silence.

People lived in villages.

Sorry, I did not intend to post the string of "thumbs up" signs. I must have tapped on the icon on my iPhone by mistake.

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Is the fish still alive?

Do you have any drinks?

He seems to have told a lie.

Even if there is a convention, I shouldn't ask them for so much money.

There's an exhibition of ancient weapons at the museum.

You shouldn't coddle her so much. She needs to learn to be independent.

I wouldn't mind to have such patience of Job either.

Anne told me that my hair was too long.

His hands had turned blue because of the cold.

You think you know me pretty well, don't you?

I never dreamed that he would succeed.

Sometimes a clear path can solve the problem.

We'll see how much things change.


Roy wouldn't do that.

What happened, Sally?

That's a hard one.


We wanted to get out of there as fast as we could.

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One learns from one's mistakes.

Nowadays we want our children to make their own decisions, but we expect those decisions to please us.

She likes Jarvis.

Roman was the one who did this for you.

Why are you in Boston?

Guillermo was in my dream.

I couldn't hear the sound well.


We've decided not to fire him.


How many calories is a peanut butter sandwich?


Can I enter a sentence in French?