What's your strategy?

Oliver said he had to split.


I was angry because he got late.

I think he is a doctor.

The island was struck by the typhoon.

You keep to yourself.

In English there are eight main parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and finally interjection.

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I am joining the piano competition this February.


Let me give you a preview.

No words can express how amazing you are.

The sacrifice was seen as a way of sanctifying the act.

That song reminds me of my home.

I hope we can all agree.


Oh, what the hell.

Can you name the situations in which a supervisor should use a direct order?

Write about the relationship between the artificial environment and the natural environment.

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It's best if you do everything Lucius tells you to do.


Let us hope for the best.

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I'm interested in helping Jun.

When I met her the other day, she asked about my parents.

Robin sure doesn't seem very worried about what might happen.


Of course, we believe you.


I completely walked ten miles.

Their old father gave each of them a fine horse.

We've decided not to fire you.

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It'll probably be easier for everyone if we don't tell Adam until after we shut the life support down.


We tell each other everything.

Collin isn't budging on this one.

Is Aaron autistic?

My friend invited me to go out to dinner.

Keep these rules in mind.

Are you sure you don't want to go to Boston?

Are people comfortable? No.

We see that we are unable to get the upper hand.

I tried to warn you that Caroline was looking for you.


We're here for Mott.

You should go home. It's late.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I would have been better off never having met you.


Please step back from the edge of the platform.

You are exactly like your father.

A car is on the street.

I need the password.

Do you think Jeany knew you were lying to him?

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It's unlikely that anyone besides Ram would consider taking that job.


Tarmi thought that what Niels wrote didn't make any sense.

The doctor is fighting against the disease.

Hey, I need a favor.


What's the bad news?

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The aroma of the flowers was the first thing Sarah noticed when she entered the greenhouse.

I asked Piercarlo if he needed money.

She wants you.

Two people think of her as their daughter.

It's time to set up a meeting.

We don't have very much time to finish this.

If I have any more questions, I'll let you know.

The legend gave the name to the place.

She gets around him.

You're beginning to try my patience.

We can make the world stop.

Julius left right after Moran did.

However, it is good if one can speak English well.


I've made my selection.


The biology teacher is called Sonia.

Tyler told me I shouldn't sell my piano.

The flood caused a great deal of damage to the crop.

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This is the view from the balcony.

That's what we were told.

To forgive is not difficult, difficult to believe again ....

When I was in England, I had great difficulty trouble in speaking English.

They weren't impressed.


We're having a barbecue next Saturday.

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"Why don't you come?" "Because I don't want to."

She hated him.

We're late. It's time to leave.

Heidi asked for some water.

Hector has bought a house in Boston.

A more barbarous form of these rejoicings took place among the rude peoples of the north where great blocks of wood blazed in honor of Odin and Thor, and sacrifices of men and cattle were made to them. Mistletoe was cut then from the sacred oaks with a golden sickle by the Prince of the Druids.

No place is safe.

It is very impolite of them to decline our invitation.

Isn't it cool?

Roxana is a celebrity chef.

Did you drive when you were in Germany?

My car is being fixed.

Justin Bieber is more famous than Katie Holmes.

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He kept waiting for hours and hours.


Many people stated he was a capable businessman who knew how to make a profit.

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I found it difficult to please her.

We'll never see them again.

Syd is always exaggerating.

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These oranges are very sour.

Silvio Berlusconi is the chief of his party.

When his business failed, he was left penniless.

Scottish recipe for tomato soup: Pour hot water into a red cup.

Handle it with great care.

I really want you to meet her.

Kazuhiro's answer was wrong.

The neighbors made a fool of him.

Please bear in mind what I said.

It's unlikely that you'll be successful if you don't study a bit harder.

I decided to try to learn Esperanto, just to make a new experience.

I can't drive.

Leila has a six-figure salary.

The meeting lasted one hour.

He got in the boat with the horse.


What surprises me is that they can actually sell that product for so much money.

He fell in love with a beautiful princess.

I don't speak Bengali.


In the United States there is a census every ten years.

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This should be thrown out.

Ti and Elliot bought some new furniture.

Even the blackest cow only gives white milk.


She got to the point of not thinking she would want to live in this town again.

"Our train leaves at 9" - "Don't worry. We'll make it."

We do need you.

The administration decided to move the home office of the company to Hawaii.

Japanese plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

We're glad you're back.

Even though Casey looks younger than Nou, he's actually quite a bit older.

Hal took a few steps closer to Werner.

Morton started making fun of Suresh.

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My toe began to bleed.


It's well after midnight.


I'm a citizen of the world.


You can't live here anymore.


Mom is getting dinner ready.

We've talked about this many times before.

Hey, this is nice.


I got you confused with your oldest brother.

You should've told me yesterday.

Emotions are contagious.

Sorrel has lied to me too many times, so I don't trust him anymore.

They were surprised at the city's rapid growth.


Srikanth must've gotten over his cold.

He seemed to understand foreign policy.

I thought you'd enjoy this.


If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

We can't risk that happening to Bruce.

I'm going to try real hard to be nice to Gene.

I'd like to lift some money from the account.

That policy could change.

The house has two doors and a lot of windows.

In which city is he?

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I should've gone after him.


Even though it sounds strange, what she said is true.

I wish I had learned French when I was a kid.

It was all there.


The wind was howling.

What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

I must go to work.

This custom was recently introduced in our everyday life.

We'll get your money back.

There is an old castle at the foot of the mountain.

Poverty is a pain, but no disgrace.

Bryce doesn't know what Amir is doing.

He was thrown from the car.


She removed him from her memory.


I'll need a few moments alone with Randall.