As far as I know, Mr. Smith was a modest man.


I see a harmful animal.


"Lead me not into temptation," said the frog to the fly.


Take my car.

Hi everyone.

I think I'll wait here.

You'd better call a lawyer.

Can't you go on any longer?


If you want that hat, I'll buy it for you.

Even though he had served his time in prison, the murderer was never quite condoned by the public for his crime.

Please come at 2:30.

What's your favorite metal song of all time?

Can I borrow your radio?

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Santa and I were in grad school together.

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Yuka fell in love the moment she was introduced to the newly-appointed English teacher.

How much longer do you think it'll be until the job is finished?

I didn't know anyone else was awake.

He tried to brave it out while held as a hostage.

Irfan is watching something on TV.

Do you think I should quit my job?

I tried to get Raj to come.

I don't need you to take care of me.

I don't have all the symptoms.


We are being helped.

Can someone get that call?

I'm sick of school.


Pim is Neal's cousin.

I'd like to take my jacket off, please; it's too hot.

My younger brother is taller than me.


All my friends like Leonard.

I understand you're visiting from America.

I can't believe it either.


They all know the truth.

Make sure Nici knows when he's supposed to be here.

She has a very quick mind.


I don't like that idea.

We're going to get her back.

Julian ran to catch the last train.


Gil is really into basketball.

It was so exhilarating.

I am not gay !.

See you at home.

She taught me how to write a poem.

One does not look a gift horse in the mouth.

He sent us his blessing.


I am okay.

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Why is Thomas afraid of Glenn?

I was trapped.

I just can't remember.

I just don't understand why it's happened.

Marty isn't as poor as most people think he is.

I know that you love me.

You should've listened to him.

I know it doesn't make sense.

He hurried so as to be in time for the train.

That's pretty incredible.

I'm going to bed now.

We can see you.

The song "Dang Me" was written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1965.

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Go and see if you can find them.

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You don't need to go at once.


May I sleep on your couch tonight?


We're ignoring you.

The fewer who know, the better.

Who was that you were just talking to?

I'll take care of Jerald.

I don't like powdered sugar.

The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.

She is a very good teacher.

I have learned many lessons.

I have one cat and one dog. The cat is black and the dog is white.

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Haumea was first discovered in 2004.

His condition was, if anything, worse than in the morning.

Go there and talk to her.

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No criminal charges will be filed against you.


You're so very serious.


You will not persuade me with these words.

He was crying.

Africa is home.

All dogs are animals. However, that doesn't mean that all animals are dogs.

What's the word?

Some days before the test, he put the wind up him properly.

Do you want to tell Corey or should I?


You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.

Do you want to go to Germany?

How can you not like Theodore?


It is plain that he is wrong.

Do you have strong likes and dislikes for certain food?

Do you have renaissance paintings?

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I'm no longer afraid of you.

People may not remember that.

She called me many terrible things.

This is the most interesting book of all.

It went fine.

No one can do the job better than Izchak.

What do you know about Australia?


They all deserve to die.

Plastic isn't lonely anymore.

Latin is a perpetual language.

Is there any dipping sauce for this grilled meat?

We had no time to finish our report.

We'll try again.

This is the first time I've ever corrected exam papers.


It may save your marriage.

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Do you think Carole will like that?

I've been gone for a long time.

Antonella is kneeling.


Sundar wants to know how he can lose weight quickly.

Is my explanation clear?

What on earth was all that about?


Edison was not a bright student.


Someone's been here before us.

We'll have some difficulties.

Have you been to Boston?


Our records show that the invoice No.1111 is still outstanding.


I hear that Bob and Lucy have broken up.

It's hard to argue with Kenn.

Why is Darren afraid of Lawrence?


That girl, she's so beautiful that no boy dares approach her.

Illness kept me from attending the meeting.

It isn't as if we were rich.


Can you make it on time?

She does it fast.

Too many expedients may spoil a business.


Let's try it.


When did you see him?


Tandy didn't say a word to us.


Frank has quite a quirky personality.


In winter, the dry leaves fly around in the air.

Would you care to sit down?

Don't be too sure.

I bumped into Jonathan the other night.

Which way is the nearest?

Eddy came running into the living room.

We're getting close.

Is Boston far away?

The teacher contemplated me for a while.

I'd prefer to be at home.

Pascal speaks French as well as you do.


Laura is wearing earrings.

Wait until further notice.

He's not at home.

Siping was playing hard to get.

Cory knew there was no point in talking to Charles.

I'd like to visit some waterfront dives.

To err is human. To blame somebody else for your errors is even more human.

We got beat today.

Don't speak lightly of a true heart, which is all your own.

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We are likely to get there before dark.


Is that OK now?

I think there's a balance to be had.

I hear that it's good to cool the back of your neck when it's hot.

Why couldn't you come yesterday?

Today we can't get anything without money.

You should be talking to Jaime.

We have just over 300 employees.