You have to get this work finished by noon.

You still don't know what he's going to say.

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You can tell me the details later.

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My mother warned me not to marry you.

It seems hard for you to see him today.

If you need me, I'll be in my room.

We took an airboat tour through the Everglades.

I have lots of ideas.


There's no stopping them.


This is an excellent start.

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Check your car before you drive to make sure that your lights are working.

Did you get the flowers I sent?

"I am too big to climb and play," said the boy.

Lisa made a very interesting comment.

For rock it's hard to know on what basis you should call something 'hi-fi'.

There are a lot of horses in my neighbourhood.

Do you guys play soccer?

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Leigh is a couple of years older than me, I think.


Hello everyone! My name is Cary.

He has an inferiority complex.

Philip was having car trouble.

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He achieved great success in life.

We work for Rahul.

Kevin married an older woman.

I heard a faint sound nearby.

They met in high school.

Del has got this all worked out.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

I think Hume didn't do it.

I didn't come here for that reason.

It sure scared me.

This is a skunk den.


She's just evil.


I know that we still love each other.

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It's not over until the fat lady sings.


You have to turn in the reports on Monday.


I just learned six new facts about wombats.

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Just tell me what you want me to do.


Let's meet on Sunday.

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Say good-bye to your friends.

The rights you requested do not belong to us.

The music ended, and they are still dancing.

I'm terribly hungry.

Products, whose prices have been reduced, are not returnable.

We found it in the house.

He had the kindness to help me with my work.

You weren't married for long, were you?

My cousin is good at doing magic tricks.

I'm not scared of terrorists.

Ian likes Greek yogurt.


May we swim here?

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I have seen a star today.

Today's party is informal.

I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.

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Cathrin refuses to buy anything made of leather.

Maybe all of Rebecca's suggestions weren't stupid.

What shall I put on: trousers or a skirt?


I'd like you to meet with her.

You're ruining what could be the most important night of my life here.

Has Lynn ever talked to you about me?

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Oleg asked me to speak to Darci about that.

We're not going to let Matthias do that.

I've already picked out the CD I'm going to buy next.


Dani said you were coming.

The atmosphere mostly consists of nitrogen and oxygen.

She stooped to pick up a pebble.

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"Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all."


I'll cook for you.


I believe you've been looking for me.

He got up earlier than usual this morning.

The inconvenient improbability that we exist as self-conscious beings raises the ontological questions of where, when, and how did it all come into being.


You guys give my life meaning.


Don't whisper, let alone speak.

Our town has excellent sports facilities.

I assure you this is about much more than money.

The computer system shuts down automatically at 8pm.

Is that a fact?

As I was ill, I couldn't go to the meeting.

Many beautiful flowers bloom in spring.

I know them.

Many tears were shed for him, and little Gerda wept bitterly for a long time.

You make it fun to come to work.

Why did Pria want you here?


Emi ordered herself a new dress.

Adlai was unsure how to proceed.

Ami described the scenes.

Cris asked Svante about John.

Let's try doing it this way.


I don't have anybody who'll listen to me.


Didn't anybody follow you?

In Western cultures we associate life after death with the heavens, while Polynesians believe that our life continues in the depths of the ocean.

I thought you'd be busy getting ready for your trip.

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Lar and I'll meet again next week.


Beth said he didn't want any of us to help him.

I'm not really your friend. I was just pretending.

I'm not ready to fight.


His ambition knows no bounds.

He knows how to play with people's lives.

You haven't answered my question.

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I suggest you start studying for the test right away.

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Lars gave me a few dollars.

I am not so happy.

As I entered a tearoom, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.


He has quite a novel idea.


He was dumped by his girlfriend.

Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China.

We need to find her.

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Don't look so depressed.


I didn't realize you were in a hurry.

Shall I keep you informed?

I am eating a sandwich.

Smokers are as aware as anybody else of the disadvantages of their hobby, but manage to live with that knowledge for two main reasons.

You should definitely tell Rudolf the truth.

I see him from time to time.

That was quick.


The landlord barked at his servants.

Wes isn't making any sense.

Who will win the XLVI Superbowl? The New York Giants or the New England Patriots?

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Could you carry it to the car?

Suddenly we heard the shrill meow of a cat.

I like the kind of music Vinod composes.


It wasn't Hon who lit the campfire.

I need a doctor, where can I find one near here?

Nicolette broke the point of the knife.

We regarded the document as belonging to her brother.

I'm not interested in talking about Emma.


I felt a little stiff.

Nobody's blaming you.

Make that book your basis.

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his right femur in a cycling accident Sunday in France.

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Margot wants to know Knute's past.

I need to get a fax.

What's all this about?


What do you think Starbuck would have said?

The earth is the shape of an orange.

You stole my heart.

The mere sight of the doctor made my cousin afraid.

His family works in the fields.

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He enjoyed those visits.

Little did he realize the danger he was facing.

Do you have a favorite?

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next class!

Sugih sometimes goes to Boston.

I'd be delighted if you could join us for dinner.

If you need to talk to someone, call me any time you want.

You didn't break the law.

I love serious music.

They just want to have fun.

For some reason I can be honest with Kyle.

He submits to authority.

She never stays long.


Leila picked it up quicker than I thought he would.