It's a pity that you should leave Japan.

May I have the floor?

But being bored is also fun in a way.

Galen overheard Peter talking intimately to another woman on his mobile phone.

We have other important issues to discuss.

Oscar was very encouraging.

It's very easy to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but reading fluently texts written in Cyrillic characters is quite difficult for those who are just starting to learn Russian.


You can easily tell that he is a genius.

I have decided.

The doctor insisted that he stay in bed.

Let me know if you come across the magazine.

Let's go find them.

I went on a picnic last weekend.

Alejandro was belligerent.

What's your favorite cheese to eat when drinking wine?

Do you want to sit down?

They don't have to come if they don't want to.

I've been pretty good.

I would like you to go instead of me.

She became a teacher when she was twenty.

I owe everything to you.

Nikolai thinks you're doing it on purpose.

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Stop dramatizing.


Whatever I do is always wrong!

If I should fail, I would try again.

Ariel didn't do any work.

She respected her sister.

Sigurd was the first one to enter the classroom.

The new title takes on a good connotation.

The next day, Isabela came back home.

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My job is teaching English.

I don't like your sense of humor.

Not only she but also her parents were invited to the party.


I hate my neighbor.

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Joshua asked for a table near the window.

"Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" is a videogame by Nintendo sold exclusively for the Wii.

The accident showed that he was careless about driving.

Someone started screaming.

At this time, there's no safer place to be than right here.

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He's a tough cookie.

Do you like tennis?

Don't stay out too late.

She declared him to be dishonest.

I am sorry to encumber you with the children.

Joanne will be here any moment.

Our train must still wait for another train to arrive.

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I can't really remember.

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Do you go shopping every day?

Lawrence bent down and looked under the bed.

Do you know what's wrong with Woody?


I believe this is a wise judgement.

He used a headache as an excuse for leaving early.

I scored only 33 points on the test.


Did you have a nice weekend?

Why do you always take Rhonda's side?

She came here to see me.

I suppose I'll just have to improvise.

He actioned for an injunction.


Do you have any apples?

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Bucky is sitting next to Paula.

If you don't receive a smile you were expecting, try giving a smile instead. That's because someone who forgot to give you a smile doesn't expect to get one from you instead.

Was Wendy the one who suggested this?

Just 13 people? That's all?

I decided to leave my job at the end of the month.

Our mothers are strong women.

Boys always want to play football after school.

Tie your shoelaces.

Who should I be afraid of?

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What's your favorite acoustic song?

What are you holding?

Ruth stopped reading the book.


I seem to be interrupting.

They had little information about geography.

Pradeep is in a book club.


Pugs are not cute.

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Is she your teacher?

Don't fall in love with me.

I don't want to be part of the problem.


To go on from pain to pain mystery to mystery. From stone pain to plant pain. For everything is pain. The pain of battle the fear of not being. Links of pain chain the earth to the sky the waters to the land. And worlds gallop in orbits of affliction. Thinking of surprise.


Vinod motioned me to follow him.

Dana became concerned.

The teacher was very fair when she marked our exams.

Our company is broke.

It is hard to get along on this small income.

There's still other business to attend to.

He is breeding cattle on his farm.

I'd like to join your group.

I did not intend to say that.

Run fast, and you will catch the train.

I'm still worried about them.

Ronald knows us well.

The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest military honor.

Diana bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.

If it gets boring, I'll go home.


Have you ever heard someone speaking Esperanto?

Charles is a British customer.

Stacy once owned this piece of land.


I like everything.

The train strike didn't bother me at all.

I do not want any sandwiches.

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Now, listen to me very carefully.

Roman failed to finish the race.

Something is not right.

She brought me a cup of tea without sugar.

You caused this.


He is his friend.

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He didn't tell anybody about it.

Can I sit beside you?

He says he has never caught cold during the past several years.

Why didn't you call the police?

Renu is listening to his iPod.

My heart aches from love.

Go back to your quarters.


I felt so refreshed after a swim in the pool.

You have changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.

Elwood looked at Hillary curiously.

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I'll discuss the matter with Gene.

Postponed is not abandoned.

I need to talk to Marilyn first before I make a decision.

We don't get along.

Rajesh knows there's a problem.


I've been in prison for three years.

Are you ready for today's meeting?

Houseplants help purify the air.

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Wherever you go, you will meet people who are kind and generous.

I think we've got problems.

When was the last time you milked a cow?

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I really like Jiro Akagawa's novels.

He got angry to hear the news.

The big dog frightened the baby.

Same-sex couples should be able to get married.

You've got to move.

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He had an old pickup truck and a big, battered mower.


The last I heard, Ted and Sriram haven't yet decided where to go on their honeymoon.


My grandmother really likes watching TV a lot.


I drank a glass of milk this morning.

Jane told us that cooking was not difficult.

He likes listening to the radio.

If I miss the train, I'll get on the bus.

That's your job.


He is strong as blood.

I've been asked to give the eulogy at my grandmother's funeral.

I read the paper while eating.

After Urs's house was broken into, the police questioned his neighbors.

A girl was attacked in the subway. What's the most shocking is that no passanger intervened.


My grandpa drinks coffee with a group of old guys every morning.

Was he interested in it?

Without hesitation we set to proposing riddles and telling tales.

Alex should take Edith's advice.

If my mother had still been alive, she would have helped me at that time.

How do you calculate the volume of a cube?

You don't disturb me.


Upon hearing that news, Think suffered a fatal heart attack.

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If it's going to take four hours from the foot of the mountain to the top, let's forget it.

There are more women than men in the world.

There has a ring of falsehood in his story.

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This effect was noticed by the creators of the full-screen editors, such as PyRoom, FocusWriter and DarkRoom.

He acted without thinking.

"Jem will buy that painting." "How can you be sure?"

I still can't believe it.

We're just wasting time.