The pen I'm writing with belongs to Kathy.

You should not worry so much because of the things that happened long ago and not with us.


This mountain is 3000 meters tall.

I already told Kimberly everything I know.

Rodger doesn't look deterred.


Where's all the money coming from?

We just want Neal to keep working.

She fled south towards the Spanish border.

I bow to your superior judgement.

Marriage is the union of a man and woman.

My job is easy and I have a lot of free time.

I cannot drive Taninna to school. My car is broken down.


It's taken him a year, but I think he's finally come to grips with the death of his wife.

They were companions on the journey.

May I borrow a duplicate key for Room 360?


He was a warm gentleman with a pleasant sense of humor.


Anita believed Vinod.

Raymond and Merton both glance at John.

He lives in this neighborhood.

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There's a cat in my house.

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It began to rain cats and dogs.


Bob urged John to be more careful.

I remember her.

Would you explain that diagram to me?


He could not restrain his excitement.

Can you guess what I'm thinking?

Irving has admitted doing so.

I can touch the ceiling.

This substance is mostly composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

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My grandfather died when I was boy.


Are you still friends with them?

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They say they cannot compete with low-priced foreign products.

I've never eaten rabbit meat.

Spock attacked John with a fork in the prison yard.


Bjorne is a true man.

Should I get a doctor?

It would be better if he's there this evening.

He tripped him up.

I'm happy to be working with you.

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This expedition will be expensive.


The student cringed when he heard the principal's voice.


Oh, say your name!

I wish you wouldn't drive so fast.

Don't worry. It won't take very long.

He played the guitar very well in his father's presence.

Hypocrisy goes on.

Yumi went there by herself.

Each individual paid 7000 dollars.

You'll see two buildings right opposite the museum, and the restaurant is in the taller of the two.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me that.

Merauke is the easternmost city in Indonesia.

Endoscopy is a medical procedure that uses an endoscope.

I know I'm getting old.

Mrs. Green, from whom my children have lessons in singing, is to have a recital next Sunday.

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Space's business is doing very well.

You can't be back here.

Kenton's hands are tied behind his back.

Cheese doesn't digest easily.

It is hard for Herb to run.

That's what I'm betting.

I expect to win today's race.

The gazelle ran away from the cheetah.

Today the new leaf sent out a bud.

You can't carry on like this.

What's the fastest way to get to the airport?

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.

She's gonna kill me.


Sometimes, everyone is simple minded.

Guido is going to Boston.

This thing won't last long.

I am not keen on anything that is after life.

I baked these cookies for them.

I asked her the same question.

Enough for one day.

Greece is called "Hellas" in Greek.

Why don't you go meet her?

Many industrialists have expressed their concern about the economy.

I was surprised when Lorien said he was applying for a job at our company.

He will leave by train at 6:30.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission.

Where's the boy?

Messi had been very close to scoring a goal, the referee blew his whistle to say that he was offside.

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I won't mention it again.

Every cause produces more than one effect.

Justin didn't know her name.

Reinhard felt a little stupid.

I hate violence.

We listened to the bell ring.

Somebody attacked her.

A crystal chandelier was hanging over the table.

Do you subscribe to any monthly magazine?

I am thinking of getting it translated into English.

I ducked just in time to avoid the punch aimed at me.

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This was happening often in the autumn.

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He wept over his misfortunes.

We have absolute proof that smoking is bad for your health.

At any time in history, in any country you can think of, a child grows up borrowing from parents' values. There are some who would point out that the kind of mentality towards education that some women called "education mama" have, is actually emotionally scarring for the child.

The law kept people from playing football for a while.

They went on talking for hours.


Quitting smoking is difficult.

I assume you still play golf.

I have a picture of you in my wallet.


Manolis was satisfied with how things turned out.

I'll need about five minutes.

There were no laws saying what they could or could not do.

Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.

Ric comes here every now and then.

The teacher, waving his hand, called to me.

Her conduct gave rise to suspicions in his mind.

She is one of the most untrustworthy people I have ever met.

The water was dead around us.

She's about to be discharged.

I think Anne doesn't know how to swim.

I think I should leave.

This is strictly forbidden.

You might want to leave that.

I think Lance stole my bicycle.

We were destined to meet one day.

Mahmoud should be arrested.

The dentist would like you not to eat any sweets.

Let's give Nils some privacy.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

He's really an expert in his field.

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It's pretty heavy.


I'm being helped.

I found it there.

The problem isn't him.


Seenu told Lance he wouldn't go without her.


You have to choose from different possibilities.


I'll call Olof.

I've had a cold for one week, and I still haven't got better.

My father died in Vietnam.

Would you inform Noam about the changes?

The firm has added 25 new associates to work on mergers and other deals.

Srikanth is trying to keep cool.

My hand are benumbed with cold.

What kind of sandwich are you eating?

The public only knows what they've been told by the state media.


That's not what I'm here for.

Ireland is famous for lace.

This is called shorthand.

Before I die, in addition to my last will and testament, I want to write a love letter as well. No matter how shameful it may be, I don't have to be ashamed anymore.

You had better not see her today.

He is a complete idiot.

I'm taking it to him.

He is afraid of his own shadow.

Where's your coat?


People told Maria that she was cute, but the mirror said: "You are much more than cute, you are beautiful!"


I owe Noemi a debt of gratitude.


You'd never meet a kinder, more loving person than Amy.

Mark graduated from Harvard in 1991.

Money is power.


You have time to think.

Sharon is in his room now.

You're not ready to go yet, are you?

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Harmon kept my lighter.

How long have you been in England?

I'm not used to that.

I saw Fritz in church today.

Rake the leaves into piles and we'll burn them.


Marion is painting.

I hear what you're saying.

Be careful what you say!

Could I please use your phone?

I've been wanting to talk to you.