Moe is correct.

The reporter took down everything that was said.


Four boys are making their way along the street.

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"Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari" is a very good movie.

Why can't we all get along?

The loss of his mother brought him sorrow and regret.

The law prohibits minors from smoking.

Now, why do you think that is?


I don't have time for this kind of nonsense.

The question is who'll do it.

I've already made my first million dollars.


He said he would have come.

Love is a game in which one always cheats.

The pain will go away.

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I understand Turkish.

Emil didn't mention anything about that.

The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.

You are the fifth wheel on the wagon.

We hope to reach the summit before it gets dark.

Have you told her what to buy?

Ima has a political agenda.


Our clients are the most important to us.

I will stay at the hotel for now.

She was barred from the club.

I don't want a divorce.

They need investors.

I can't say I'm too sorry about that.

Would you like company?

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I organized a marriage ceremony last month.

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Kevin felt the need to explain.

Job security is a priority over wages.

Your cough worries me.

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Hector never showed up.


Now the world in general doesn't know what to make of originality; it is startled out of its comfortable habits of thought, and its first reaction is one of anger.

He is always behind time with his work.

We've had that before a thousand times.

Is it true that man never gave you his name?

You can be pretty helpful when you want to be.

What's the minimum salary in Iceland?

He has had a long teaching career.

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How can I participate?

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We've known each other for over thirty years.


Joachim has been living in Boston for three years.


I see Mohammad pretty often.


We had six guests to dinner.


Bucky apologized to her.

I'm not saying Leith is lying.

Joyce blushed a little.

The grasshopper chirps.

"I do not regret having gone into the forest and up the mountain," replied the younger brother.

We have known each other for many years now.

It's my decision.

Shutoku wasn't as busy as I thought he'd be.

You're way faster than me.

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I'll tell you a secret that will change your life.

If I were happy without you, I wouldn't wish to have you back.

Don't point your finger at me.

They are disappointed with each other.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.

Actually, you're right.

It's suicide.

I went to drink a beer with friends.

Why did you come to Boston?

Nicolette would probably have approved.

He may have missed the last train.


This is probably a bad idea.

Well, I happen to feel that she'll make a great ruler. We'll talk about this again in 10 years, you'll see.

I think it's appropriate.

I'll pay attention. I promise.

It hurts.

And at times when I became discouraged with trying to reconcile working and bringing up children, it was my husband who helped to maintain my determination.

I used to be an engineer, but it got old.

Linley told me that he does thirty push-ups every morning.

Our condom broke.


Don't be so modest.


Israel looked like he was asleep.


I don't know why Duke is fat.

He is rich. He doesn't need any money!

Juergen spent fifteen minutes trying to pry open the drawer with a crowbar, but he couldn't get it opened.

Norman is willing to negotiate.

I don't fully agree with you.

Can you tell me where Rahul lives?

How did you persuade Rees to do that?


Is it a crime to love someone?

She's far behind in her studies.

I'm not so sure it was him who did it.

Take cover!

I may have seen that girl somewhere.


Work is preferable to idleness.

I don't trust this Tatoeba group.

Tad loves us all, but he loves Izchak the most.

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Where can I wash up?


Sho told Roger all about what happened.

I just spent the morning with Gilles.

Who turned this upside down?

Do you want to tell Wendy?

Everyone respects Ping.

I've told you things I've never told anyone else.

He suggested we should stop smoking at the meeting.


Vandalism is on the rise.

It's a very serious crime.

I have allergic rhinitis.


This restaurant has pilaf, remember?

I believe it to be he.

Most children are playful.


I added Newspaper article frequency data to the 'Kanji list' function.

The time we've spent together is irreplaceable.

You're bringing me down.

The best thing to do is to ask an expert to repair it.

That belonged to him.

Don't I even get an explanation?

We're going to Hell in a handbasket.


They are on the air now.

I wonder if there exists a level that's lower than "user"?

The snow pleases us.

I forgot my shopping list at home.

It looks like Raphael's been a busy man.


Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.


I know someone who might be able to help.

I kiss my rival, but it is to choke him.

How do I get to the library?

Our stay in London was too short.

It could be that I'll return home late. In that case, I'll call you.


I was devastated.

You never really said you love me.

Let's take a vote.

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Some children are playing on the grass.

This year there were few rainy days in August.

My mother asked me to set the table.

Sharan got bored and left.

Po isn't wearing any makeup.

There is a great demand for gasoline.

It's not like I have anything better to do.

My big sister wants to kill me.

Dominick was overconfident.

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Casper took a sip of water from the glass and suddenly started coughing, as it went down the wrong way.

You met Mahesh, didn't you?

I love bread.

Hadn't you spoken English?

Why don't you two go on a date together?

I wash myself, this being sensible in the case that I am dirty.

You're starting to sound like your old man.


I've done some things.

It wasn't very good.

There were lots of bundles, but they weren't thousand-dollar bills.

All dogs are animals. However, that doesn't mean that all animals are dogs.

Sadako gave a weak nod.

At least one of us is a man.

Why can't you accept me for who I am?

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She mistook me for my brother.

Walt does almost everything around here.

She says that she can see through walls.

When she opened her heart to him, it was already too late.

Boyce learned from his mistakes.

Bud didn't have time to do the job properly.

We did it according to your instructions.

I was just kidding when I said that.

We learn about ancient Rome and Greece.


I heard this sentence on the street about an hour ago.

Donal says he never thought about that.

I didn't tell you to turn around.

How much time do you intend to stay in Oxford?

He's sitting on the fence.