Emerging segregation in schools in Iceland

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Emerging segregation in schools in Iceland

The Nordic model seems to be in trouble in Iceland. The democratic school for all, where everybody is supposed to have equal rights and opportunities, is challenged by segregation trends. Differences in schools’ economical or cultural capital are becoming increasingly common. A school is no longer just a school, but a trademark. To attract the […]

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Open lecture: Ethnographic research in VET and on youth transitions with the perspectives of social class, gender and ethnicity

Welcome to attend open lecture by Associate Professor Per-Åke Rosvall, UmeÃ¥ University, in University of Helsinki on Thursday 11 October Visiting scholar Per-Åke Rosvall has since 2007 been part of several projects with an ethnographic approach and with focus on young people’s education and transitions. This presentation will especially focus three projects funded by the […]

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“Sorting out students with ‘special needs’ has long-term consequences for their lives”

Sweden is expected to provide ‘a common school for all’. However, research shows that the Swedish society has failed in some aspects in creating equal opportunities in working life and further education. Young adults with intellectual disabilities or students with other difficulties in school are facing long-term consequences.   The ability of the Swedish educational […]

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JustEd doctoral students’ key takeaways from ECER 2018

Did you attend ECER 2018 in Bolzano, Italy? So did many of JustEd’s PhD students from the University of Helsinki – we asked them about their biggest key takeaways and the overall experiences from the conference. For Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou, the conference provided a marvelous opportunity to connect on both a professional and social level: “It […]



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Multicultural events – reinforcing differences or building bridges?

Many schools and municipalities organize multicultural events to celebrate cultural diversity with food, dance and national costumes. Whereas participants are very enthusiastic, the research community is usually critical, arguing that the events may further division between people from different cultures. JustEd researcher Joke Dewilde wanted to investigate the matter from a new angle. Multicultural events […]

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Doctoral student positions available in project related to social justice in education

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Doctoral student positions available in project related to social justice in education

The Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki invites applications for the position of 1-2 doctoral students for a fixed term of two years beginning on 1 January 2019 (or starting point as agreed). The doctoral students will be involved in the project ‘Local Educational Ethos: a study on well-performing comprehensive schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods […]



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Apply for a postdoc position at the University of Helsinki

Are you interested in a postdoc position or do you know someone who is? At the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences, there are currently 10 postdoc positions open. The application deadline is the 1st of  October 2018. For more information and for applying, check out the link below: /www.helsinki.fi/en/open-positions/10-postdoctoral-researcher-positions-in-educational-sciences

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JustEd panel discussion examined tools for social justice in education

Last Friday’s SuomiAreena panel discussion, co-arranged by Justed, was highly thought provoking and displayed current inequalities in access to education in Finland. The panelists presented various future tools for furthering equity and equality for everyone in choosing the education and professional path of their liking. Assistant Professor Sonja Kosunen, University of Helsinki, represented JustEd in […]


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JustEd panel discussion 20.7.2018: <br>Equal opportunities or predestined future?

  Finland is usually considered a welfare society and an ideal paragon of equality, where everybody has equal opportunities to education and the ability to pursue the vocation and career of their choice. But in reality, do we actually have equal access to education in Finland or is this a false assumption? PANEL DISCUSSION at […]

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JustEd wishes everyone a happy Helsinki Pride week!

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JustEd wishes everyone a happy Helsinki Pride week!

“What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.” (Tennessee Williams) At the University of Helsinki the colorful rainbow flag can be seen everywhere during Pride week. JustEd member and gender researcher Jukka Lehtonen comments on sexual and gender rights […]

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