That was the patriotic thing to do.

Before automobiles filled out streets, city air used to be clean.

I'm too old for him.

Bring Srinivas in here.


The dog was hit by a car.


Put your affairs in order.

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This is what we want from now on.

Make sure you tell her that.

Don't rely on him.

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Many yachts are in the harbor.

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I'd like to get to know him.


Those women are cold-blooded killers.

Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?

Kimmo bought some land to build a house on.

I've learned not to put much stock in what he says.

Rolf used to play tennis with Cindy.

His tale came home to me.

I'm surprised Dana doesn't have a bicycle.

Some hospitals hand out free samples of baby milk.

Criminal law, also known as penal law, involves prosecution for an act that has been classified as a crime.

Did you see that?

A good knowledge of numerical analysis, stochastic calculus and programming in C++ is important for a job in banking my lecturer said.


Where did you meet him?


Happy birthday to a man who runs a love and laughter and beer.

Good evening. I'd like a glass of whole milk.

Taxes consist of direct taxes and indirect ones.

He had lost all political power.

What time is Kiki picking you up?

Is there a barber shop in the hotel?

She rented a room.

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I lost the door key, so I can't enter the house.

Oleg never listens to me.

Frank knows something is wrong.

Did you bring me what you said you would?

The earth is like a ball with a big magnet in it.

Kiki is very sarcastic.

What should a healthy breakfast consist of?

Time is on my side.

I envy you your luck.

You should not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Japan has many distinctive traits.

Many of the people that need these drugs can't afford them.

It's not all that bad.

Rudolph can still wear the same size jeans he did when he was twenty years old.

We have to find him.


I'd like him to be happy.

You didn't touch him, did you?

I am left with all the responsibility.

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How much does a bunch of grapes cost?

I saw a bit of 21st century fashion.

The moon shines at night.

Felix is someone I look up to.

I do my English homework in Latin, my Latin in Economics, and my Economics before school.

My parents don't speak Dutch.

I have been to Japan.

How many brothers do you have? How many sisters do you have?

Japan today is not what it was even ten years ago.

We need it all.

I didn't play very well today.

They say that that man has a master key which opens all the doors of the city.

I'm concerned about health care.

Shankar helped again.

Patrice came racing down the stairs.

Bernie has a very bad reputation around town.

Maybe you'd like to meet them.


Do you want to go out with me on Friday?


I'd appreciate it if you'd help me.

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Niall is a friend of ours.

Let's see you do better than that.

Please tell everyone I'm sorry.

Alain doesn't want the truth to come out.

What color is it?

Any of you can do it.

I hope this medicine works.

It took me several hours to write it.

Jimmy has more than enough room for us.

We're right behind you.

Problems are expected in their expedition.

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I don't like messy places like this. I'd rather live somewhere clean and peaceful.

I guess that's about it.

I thought Root was a farmer.

It's the pinnacle of luxury.

Christie was in the library with us yesterday afternoon.

Barbra told me that he'd like to become a doctor.

Joe is not a student.

I came by bus.

I'm being accused of doing things I didn't do.

Man is a slave of habit.

From here, I can't see it.


Amigo was surprised when Sid showed up at his party.


There's no way to know how much that will cost.

Dan didn't even smile.

Please tell me what you saw then.

Amy bought a new car.

It looks like rain. We had better shut the windows.

Me neither.

I'm intrigued by Jock's idea.

We stayed behind to help Lorien.

I have nightmares.

Nguyen learned French perfectly studying by himself.

Welcome to China!

The bus transports passengers from the hotel to the airport.

That would be quite acceptable.

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Why did you bring it?

When I accidentally stood on the cat's tail, she hissed at me and raced out of the room.

Are you going to buy that?

Urs's timing couldn't have been better.

Kimmo should be careful not to underestimate Winston.


Next week I will write an e-mail to my parents.

That wouldn't help me.

Are you two dating each other?

Alas! We are ruined.

It was three weeks before she wrote an answer to Jelske.

I don't want to be seen in his company.

I can't forgive him for behaving like that.

I can call him.

The doctor performed the operation.

He was dutiful.

What do you think it was?

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I am going to the post office to buy stamps.


We need more money.

Andrew is always fishing for compliments.

The event starts at 2pm.

Rolfe gave me a sleeping bag a few weeks ago.

Sonja lied about the matter.

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The exhibition is well worth a visit.

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Meeks's daughter was suspended for taking marijuana to school.


Men will not look at things as they really are, but as they wish them to be.

Jos played on his college team.

I want soup.


This steel must not be tempered.

Tell him that.

I'm running for reelection.

She is very annoyed with me.

You were so close, so we'll give you one last chance.


"No..." Dima sighed. "I think I called the wrong country. Let me try the other 960s."

I'm going to get ready for bed.

This seems like harassment.


She's in Mallorca, sunbathing on the beach.

Apparently once you become an octogenarian you can say what you like and get away with it. I can't wait to turn eighty.

I don't want to see anybody.

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Hubert doesn't know what to do.

They were laughing.

Arnold is facing a challenge.

Trey leaned forward to kiss Shadow.

Our father used to read us happy stories when we were small.

Beth is a pretty good snowboarder.

Both the brothers were out.

Before we go anywhere, we should exchange some money.

We're not waiting around.


The short skirt is out of fashion.

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Many couples quarrel over meaningless matters.

It was careless of you to leave the door unlocked.

I paid R$2600.00 for these speakers.

Tao is behind in his studies.

Ramesh was asleep when he was shot.

Hy took off his jacket and hung it in the closet.

She kept the dining room warm in winter.

The basket is so heavy, but I can lift it.

He's tough on crime.

Most of his posthumous fame came from his autopsy results.

He is a man who can always be trusted.

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Van doesn't miss anything.

He is not so much a professor as a TV star.

I'm talking about you.

I couldn't buy it.

What can we learn from a dog? Let others know when they've invaded your territory.


Marcos should be able to do that.