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    We believe every student is a unique individual with huge potential. We help you identify your abilities and guide you towards your ultimate goals. The journey you undertake will be tailored specifically for you with a customized package based on your terms and situation.


    We love helping students succeed in the next chapter of their life. Whether it’s going to community college, a top University 978-665-4280 or graduate program, or simply understanding the US job market, we can help you build an educational path to get there.

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    U Admit is a company with a Mission: Help our students achieve their maximum potential by getting them into the top Universities in the world. We were born in San Francisco, California to help both native and international students get into top University Programs around the world. Our founder, Sylvia, traveled all over the world when she was young and found a strong appreciation for other cultures and languages. She wanted to study abroad while finishing her undergraduate studies and decided to get her Masters Degree in the United States. Sylvia realized how vastly the education system in the West differs from Asia and decided to stay longer for more experience.

    Client Praise
    Sylvia was very sincere and attentive. During the application process, she answered all my questions within 24 hours, was always patient, and paid great attention to detail... Besides helping me get into my dream school, she gave me a lot of advice about my future career... I really enjoyed working with her!
    Sylvia helped me with my essays step by step. When I felt lost in the application process, she was always very patient and provided constant guidance... I appreciate all her help especially since this was a very detailed and long process. I wouldn't be where I am today without Sylvia's help and guidance.
    I failed my sophomore year and had a pretty low GPA by the time I graduated... I found something called a pathway program, which allows a student to attend a University... If I had good grades and improved my language skills, a transition to a full time degree program was very straightforward... Sylvia never gave up on me, was very patient, and attentive to all the details. I’m so lucky to have her guide me through this stressful process as both a professional consultant and as a big sister.